Tantric Bar & May Wong’s Café & Backstage Bar

Tantric Bar & May Wong’s Café & Backstage Bar
Tantric Bar & May Wong’s Café & Backstage Bar
Image: Backstage Bar

Located on the popular Neil Street, this inter-connected venue is surely out there to please! Figure out your way through this maze, as you immerse yourself in the crowds of expats, locals and tourists. Recognized as one of the hottest gay-friendly venues in Singapore, this massive bar-trio features adventurously potent cocktails, hip tunes and distinctive lounge spots.


  • 3-in-1 venue that has it all: This eclectic bar & café has everything you need for the perfect night out with the boys. With two outdoor party-spaces and 3 distinct bars, this place is a massive hit amongst the gay community in Singapore! Relax on the plush couches on the second floor (May Wong’s), and stare at the framed memorabilia of May Wong plastering the walls. Want a bit more action? Head down to the first floor and have a craft bear to start your night. Make your way out to the courtyard to mingle with the crowd, and bounce around to upbeat music hits.
  • Affordable promotion drinks & juicy bites: Drink up! Enjoy some potent drinks for just $10 or less a glass! Why not try the double-shot house pours for an alcoholic-kick you won’t forget? Feeling a bit peckish? Head back up to May Wong’s Café for some hot finger food to satisfy those cravings.
  • Large selection of tantalizing cocktails: Watch as the skillful bartender whips up your favorite cocktail in minutes. Tantric shares some of the most potent drinks in Singapore, with flavors that are bound to tickle your taste buds! If you are looking for something extra-strong, feel your head spin from the most potent concoction in the house, called ‘Blue Spin’.


  • Monday to Friday & Sunday: 20:00 to 03:00
  • Saturday 20:00 to 04:00

ADDRESS:  78, 80 Neil Rd, Singapore 088841

PHONE: 6423 9232

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