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Wild Rice
Wild Rice
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    107 North Bridge Road#04-08, Funan, Singapore, 179105
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    +65 6292 2695
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  • Wild Rice is a theatre company founded by celebrated Singaporean actor and director Ivan Heng in 2000. Wild Rice hosts original and adapted shows at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Theatre to celebrate theatre talent in the country. The company also boasts a learning academy with courses designed for young talent.


    • Classes for kids and teens with performing arts aspirations: While theatre classes at Wild Rice can be a fun extracurricular activity for kids, most courses are designed for aspiring performers. The ‘First Stage’ and ‘Young & Wild’ courses feature intensive training with real theatre performers. 
    • Experimental and enjoyable drama classes: The ‘Wild Kids’ weekly drama classes provide kids with a forum for creativity and expression. The classes are designed to be engaging with fun props and role-playing, aiding the development of confidence and intellect in children.
    • Special holiday camps: While classes are offered at different times throughout the year (mainly weekends), there are also holiday camps for kids to take part in during off days from school.


    • Wild Kids: Weekly Drama Classes (Ages 5 to 8 and 9 to 12)
    • First Stage (Ages 5 to 12)
    • Holiday Drama Camps (Ages 5 to 12)
    • Singapore Youth Theatre (Ages 13 to 17)
    • Young & Wild (Longterm programme for teens by Edith Podesta)


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