AK Global Investigation

AK Global Investigation
AK Global Investigation
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    Wide-range of investigation services at reasonable rates
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    5001 Beach Road #07-52, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
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    +65 6222 7227
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  • With more than 10 years of experience, AK Global Investigation is best known for its state-of-the-art services at affordable prices. The company has its clients both in the public and private sector organizations internationally. This knowledge along with a competent and skilled team makes it a preferred choice for investigation cases even of a complex nature.


    • Best investigation services at affordable prices: AK Global Investigation is renowned for its inexpensive rates. With their excellent model of labour planning and assigning investigators for the cases, they will always be able to cut down the investigation cost that is directly passed on to the customers.
    • Quality evidenced by large public and private companies: AK Global Investigation provides services to bigger and renowned players in the corporate sector around Singapore. This is an additional guarantee of their professionalism and first-class services.
    • Ensures legal use of the latest technology: Many investigation agencies in Singapore uses recent innovations such as AI and spy cameras. However, only a few of them are concerned about their legal aspects. At AK Global Investigation, their experts are fully aware of the local laws and ensure the service’s delivery accordingly.
    • Provides account forensic services: AK Global Investigation distinguishes its product portfolio by offering the unique services of forensic accounting. They have proved themselves by successfully completing several projects with various government authorities as well.


    The investigation services at AK Global include:

    • Account forensic investigation
    • Fraudulent investigation
    • Matrimonial investigation
    • Missing person investigation
    • Child movement investigation
    • Computer forensic investigation
    • Account forensic services
    • Email traces
    • Background checks
    • Employee movement
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