5 Best Graphic Design Companies in Singapore 2023

5 Best Graphic Design Companies in Singapore
5 Best Graphic Design Companies in Singapore
Image: Pixabay

Color and art is a language everyone can interact with. Nothing attracts potential customers better than a neatly and beautifully designed poster, piece of artwork, leaflet, or website.

Whether you plan to launch your start-up or aim to extend your existing business offerings, market communication is vital to getting new customers. Design plays a critical role in this and is a must-have for any element of your brand, whether it be for your logo or website, billboards, or anything else.

Because of the importance of design and brand, graphic design is needed for all new markets. So today, we have come up with a list of the five top companies in Singapore for graphic design [2023 review] to help you take your business to the next level.

1. JAB

JAB Image: JAB
  • Best for
    Seamless booking experience
  • Address
    1 Kallang Junction, Level 6 Vanguard Campus Singapore 339263
  • Phone
    +65 6994 1381
  • Opening hours
    Monday to Friday 0900 – 1800
  • Website
  • Getting the help of JAB for your next design project is as simple as its name. They have creative graphic designers who truly understand the needs of your business and will do their job with a sense of complete ownership. In addition, multiple third parties and external agencies have also recognized their competency and high-quality services.


    • Highly skilled and creative staff: The graphic designers and the whole crew at JAB will always amaze you with their expertise, capability to innovate, and level of ownership. While working with you on a design project, they will never feel like an outsourced service provider, as they will always ensure high-quality services and a great customer experience.
    • Seamless booking experience: Booking your graphic designing order with JAB is as simple as A-B-C. You can visit their website to submit your query, and one of their expert team members will immediately get in touch with you to understand your needs in order to offer a complete solution.
    • Fast turnaround time: Sometimes you might require graphic design services with quick delivery. Imagine needing a change in your product catalog when you have a meeting with your customer in the next hour. JAB is your perfect partner to handle all these difficult situations.
    • Comprehensive branding solutions: You can engage JAB for getting any simple graphic design job done with perfection, but they also provide complete branding solutions—everything from planning your position in the market to launching and managing the whole campaign.


    • Identity and branding services
    • Copyright and editorial services
    • Publishing services
    • Graphic and interactive design services
    • Environmental design services
    • Campaign development and management services

    2. Global Dot Com

    Global Dot Com Image: Global Dot Com
  • Best for
    Free design consultation
  • Address
    7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #09-85, Northstar Singapore 569880
  • Phone
    +65 6908 5866
  • Website
  • Email
  • Global Dot Com is a comprehensive graphic design solution provider operating in Singapore for the last nine years. From simple design solutions to website development and search engine optimization, they offer everything under the sun. You can trust them to guard your company's sensitive data, too, as trust and ethics are enshrined in their core business values.


    • Free design consultation: Are you confused with the different options available to select for your targeted market? Global Dot Com has experienced marketing experts and a team of graphic designers you can consult at no cost. With their advice, your brand will surely get a boost.
    • Quality and affordability: Who says quality comes with a price? Global Dot Com clearly distinguishes itself from other operators in the market based on the price point. They offer the lowest-possible prices to make things reasonable for you without compromising the quality of their services.
    • Unlimited revisions and daily updates: Offering solutions that are perfectly aligned with your requirements is the team’s priority at Global Dot Com. This is why they will send you regular updates on your design projects, and they will always be ready to revise the design if it is not up to your expectations.
    • World-class customer support service: Talking to an understanding customer service agent is truly a blessing, and Global Dot Com clearly understands this. They have a highly trained and professional customer service team who will always be ready to take on any problem or challenge that you might throw at them—and they will never disappoint!


    • Branding and marketing services
    • Graphic design services
    • Printing services
    • Web design services
    • Web development services
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) services
    • Social media marketing (SMM) services
    • Search engine marketing (SEM) services
    • Mobile application services
    • Events management services
    • Production services
    • Web hosting services
    • Domain registration services

    3. MomoGraphics

    MomoGraphics Image: MomoGraphics
  • Best for
    3D rendering and videos
  • Address
    1030 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534767
  • Phone
    +65 6673 2428
  • Website
  • Besides their expertise in regular infographics, MomoGraphics specializes in 3D graphics and video rendering. MomoGraphics can amaze you with their skills in 3D rendering and visual tours if you are in the architectural business. But that's not allthey can also help you with logo animation and 3D virtual tours for your corporate videos.


    • Specializes in 3D rendering and videos: Unlike most graphic design companies that only have expertise in 2D designs, MomoGraphics operates at the next level. They have a state-of-the-art facility to create 3D renderings of your architectural projects with perfection. This makes them the only reliable choice if you are looking for 3D design services.
    • Focused on innovation and the latest technology: The service portfolio of MomoGraphics depicts their attention to innovation and utilizing the newest equipment. Aside from highly skilled and expert staff, they are available with hi-tech solutions to aid in modern graphic designing. So no matter if it is a corporate video or a simple 3D logo visualization, they will always be the perfect choice.
    • Offers VR/AR services: If you want to ensure that your business makes use of the latest technology, you may want to check the augmented and virtual reality designs offered by MomoGraphics. They can bring your ideas to life by giving attention to each and every detail of your product, and you’ll be able to feel it from every dimension.
    • Impressive online support services: MomoGraphics knows that understanding futuristic designs might not be easy. This is why they make themselves available round the clock to respond to any queries, confusion, or problems faced by their customers.


    • 3D product rendering services
    • 3D retail rendering services
    • 3D product animation services
    • 3D architecture rendering services
    • Virtual interior and exterior tours
    • AR/VR rendering services
    • Illustration and infographics design services
    • 3D logo visualization and corporate videos

    4. 5ive Media

    5ive Media Image: 5ive Media
  • Best for
    E-commerce websites
  • Address
    3 Changi South Lane, #06-01 Singapore 486118
  • Phone
    +65 6362 3937
  • Website
  • Email
  • 5ive Media is one of the few graphic design service providers on the island that offers a one-stop-shop solution for all your digital marketing needs. Their team will surprise you with their dedication, from initial blueprints of your website to graphic design and complete deployment. In addition, they make sure that your business is up to date with the latest trends by offering long-term support.


    • Offers long-term support for your web and graphic design projects: Unlike other companies, which usually see your project as a one-time opportunity, 5ive Media focuses on long-term business development. They take ownership of each of their designs and offer continuous support to keep the contents up to date.
    • Specializes in e-commerce websites: Whether you are planning to start your online store or want to open up a digital channel for your existing business, 5ive Media is the perfect partner. They have the complete resources and expertise to ensure that your web-based business is performing up to your customers’ expectations.
    • Has a straightforward booking process: The team at 5ive Media hate complexities within their clients’ businesses. This is why they offer a painless three-step booking process. Simply place your order, they will call you to understand your needs, and you can consider it done!
    • Certified by Google AdWords: If you want to develop a website that generates consistent income through Google AdWords, nothing works better than 5ive Media. They have been recognized by Google, and their experts are fully trained on optimizing a website to get maximum traffic to boost your ad revenue.


    • Website design services
    • Virtual shops and e-commerce
    • Presentation websites
    • Online catalogs
    • Portal systems design
    • Logo design
    • Flyer and brochure design
    • Business card design
    • Stationery design
    • PowerPoint presentation design
    • Print ads and magazine design
    • Banner design

    5. Applify

    Applify Image: Applify
  • Best for
    Mobile application developments
  • Address
    #05-03 Plus, 20 Cecil Street, Singapore 049705
  • Phone
    +65 1301 6492
  • Website
  • Email
  • After your website's presence on the internet, having a mobile application is the most important thing you need to make your brand visible to most users. This is where the capability and proficiency of Applify comes in. They offer a one-stop-shop solution for all your application development needs.


    • Specializes in mobile application developments: As indicated by their name, Applify offers matchless services to deploy mobile apps for your business. If you are planning to shift your e-commerce store to a mobile application to increase traffic to your business, Applify can help.
    • Has served over 300 clients with complete satisfaction: Applify has a proven track record of offering high-quality services to more than 300 customers. In addition, they have a five-star rating on most of the trusted business platforms, which indicates the level of their services and the passion for what they do.
    • Provides online, quick, and affordable quotes: After you have decided to get a mobile application for your business, the next question is likely about the cost. Don’t worryApplify offers free online quotes. All you need is to provide the details of your desired application, and their experts will come up with a quote at a price that you will love.
    • Has a comprehensive services portfolio: From design to strategy development to final deployment of your mobile application, Applify will walk beside you. Even after deployment, they will stay in touch with you to understand and resolve your problems.


    • Website design services
    • Mobile application design services
    • Web and mobile media marketing services
    • Marketing strategy development services

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