Baker St Private Investigator

Baker St Private Investigator
Baker St Private Investigator
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    Personalized services with best privacy
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    1 North Bridge Road, #01-02, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
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    +65 9068 6920
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  • Baker St Private Investigator is one of the most trusted and reliable private investigators in Singapore for its extraordinary investigation skills and comprehensive product portfolio. The company provides general surveillance, legal investigations, matrimonial investigation and commercial investigation services. Whether you are in dire need of investigating the employee’s background or looking for someone to confirm if your spouse has extra-marital affairs, they are your best partners!


    • Provides personalized services to maintain privacy: Dissimilar to other investigation agencies in Singapore, Baker St Private Investigator offers personal investigator to each of its clients. You do not need to meet different people in the agency to explain your requirements. The information will remain between you and your investigator.
    • Maintains a network around the globe: Baker St. Private Investigator has its affiliate service providers globally. No matter the investigation’s subject moves to a different country, they will be right there to follow-up with your case to ensure complete satisfaction.
    • Services are available round the clock: The facilities of Bakr St Private Investigator are available 24×7. They will always be accessible for your services, even on the weekends. You can call them anytime and their skilled investigator can also visit you in your home for consultancy.
    • Licensed by Singapore Police Force: Bakr St Private Investigator has been authorized by the Singapore Police Force. This guarantees genuineness, privacy and service’s professionalism.


    • General surveillance services
    • Legal investigation services
    • Matrimonial investigation services
    • Commercial investigation services
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