5 Most Reliable Data Recovery Services in Singapore in 2023

Most Reliable Data Recovery Services in Singapore
Most Reliable Data Recovery Services in Singapore

Life has become digital, and so is your vital data. Whether these are photos, school assignments or important work files, everything has its place in your device’s hard drives or memory cards. While this is convenient, losing your data will always be frustrating.

Data recovery is undoubtedly a complex process that requires a lot of patience and skills. A single wrong move can result in the permanent removal of all your digital assets. For any such situation, finding professional help is inevitable.

Understanding the complications and your specific requirements, our team has compiled a list of the 5 most reliable data recovery services in Singapore [2023 review] that can surely help you to stay calm while they will get back all your imperative data.

1. CBL Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery Image: CBL Data Recovery
  • Best for
    24/7 availability
  • Address
    6 Harper Road, Leong Huat Building #05-02, Singapore 369674
  • Phone
    +65 6588 0261
  • Website
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  • Ensuring the highest quality of customer service and high success rates, CBL Data Recovery offers recovery from small portable media such as hard drives, SSD, thumbdrives, and SD Cards to bigger storage media like RAID Array, NAS and Servers. They also recover from encrypted hard drives and SSDs from laptops.

    With more than 16 years of industry experience here in Singapore, CBL engineers have dealt with a wide range of damaged storage drives and therefore they are one of the best data recovery companies to look for when your device runs into problems. They have also served various SMEs and MNCs clients over the years and provide quick data rescue solutions to help their clients get back their data in the quickest time possible.


    • High success rates:  Apart from developing their own proprietary methods and tools to recover the data from damaged media, their engineers have a proven track record of achieving more than 90% success rate in most cases.
    • Trusted by leading manufacturers: CBL is trusted by most laptop manufacturers in providing third party data recovery services for their clients when the internal storage drives encounter BSOD or other errors. CBL also supports recovery from major hard disk brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, and more.
    • Data confidentiality and security: CBL ensures that all their clients’ data are handled with utmost care and provides a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon receiving the storage media. They do not retain any copies of their clients’ information and will wipe out all traces after handing over the data to their clients. 
    • Fast turnaround: Have you ever lost your important data a few hours before meeting with a client? Sometimes, the consequence of this is a lot bigger than the event itself. At CBL Data Recovery, they can help you attain back your data within hours with their urgent services for data recovery.


    • RAID, NAS & Server Recovery
    • Hard Disks Recovery
    • Solid State Drives (SSD) Recovery
    • Encrypted Disks Recovery
    • Laptop, Notebook, PC Recovery
    • Apple MacBook and iMac Recovery
    • All-in-One PC and Desktop
    • Thumbdrives and SD Card

    2. Data Savers

    Data Savers Image: Data Savers
  • Best for
    Free assessment and evaluation
  • Address
    9 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower Two, 29-01, Singapore 038989
  • Phone
    +65 6493 3441
  • Website
  • Email
  • Data Savers stands out from the crowd due to its highest success rate in data recovery. They are capable of recovering data from any type of hard drives, memory cards and even from your phones. No worries about your data’s privacy as they maintain the finest ethical standards with fully trained and professional technicians.


    • No data, no charge policy: Data Savers is one of few companies that offer a “no data, no charge” policy in its authentic form. If for any reason, they remain unable to recover your data, they will not take even a single penny. Amazing!?
    • Has transparent and affordable pricing: Price is often a concerning point when selecting a service provider. Well, with Data Savers, you do not need to worry about the rates as they offer the most cost-effective solution across Singapore with complete transparency.
    • Has a certified data recovery facility: You must be stunned to know that Data Savers is the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 qualified company. This means, they have complete control over their operations’ quality and every step towards its services has standard procedures that make it error-proof.
    • Offers free evaluation: Sometimes, when you lose your data, you are unsure if a data recovery solution will ever be a help. It depends upon the reason behind your data deletion. Instead of paying the cost for a simple evaluation, you can use Data Savers’ assessment without any charge.


    • Hard disk drive data recovery
    • Solid-state drives (SSD) data recovery
    • Laptop/desktop data recovery
    • Tape recovery
    • Digital photos / operating system / data files recovery
    • Server data recovery
    • Database recovery
    • Oracle and SQL recovery
    • E-mail recovery
    • Virtual Machine (VMWare) recovery
    • ZIP, JAZ and memory cards data recovery
    • CD, DVD data recovery
    • RAID configured multi drives arrays data recovery
    • NAS (Network Access Storages) data recovery
    • Drobo, GoPro, SAN Storage data recovery
    • iPhone, Android mobile phones data recovery

    3. Accplus Technologies

    Accplus Technologies Image: Accplus Technologies
  • Best for
    Contemporary assessment and recovery tools
  • Address
    4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-158, Bukit Ho Swee View, Singapore 162004
  • Phone
    +65 6298 0819
  • Website
  • Email
  • Accplus Technologies is best known for its advanced diagnosis tools with which, they can evaluate your device along with a price quote in minutes. Their proficient technicians can deal with the data recovery of almost every digital gadget. Similar to other companies on the list, they also focus critically on your important data’s secrecy.


    • Gives on the spot opinion: Unlike other services that may take more than a day for a simple analysis of the devices, Accuplus Technologies is efficient enough to offer quick verdicts. Their technicians will provide you with several possibilities in a couple of minutes, which will surely minimise your helplessness.
    • Uses specialised tools for data recovery: Accuplus Technologies settles nothing lesser than the most innovative gears. They have plenty of futuristic options to make sure that everything they promise, they should deliver.
    • Maintains professional care and confidentiality: Your device coming to their purposefully built facility is handled by qualified engineers. They are trained and follow strict ethical standards to ensure complete data secretiveness.
    • Provides instant data recovery service: Sometimes, you might not have long patience to get back your essential files. Accplus understands this very well and this is why they offer overnight services; with which they can get back with your data in the shortest possible time.


    • Hard disk data recovery
    • Mobile phones recovery
    • Thumb drives, SD cards and flash drives recovery
    • Password recovery
    • Emails recovery

    4. Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre

    Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre
  • Best for
    One-stop data recovery solution for all your devices
  • Address
    #02-02, 1100 Lower Delta Rd, Singapore 169206
  • Phone
    +65 6817 6277
  • Website
  • Email
  • Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre is a champion in getting back the lost data no matter the device they are playing with. Including PC, laptops, and tablets, they can do their magic on mobile phones, external hard drives, solid-state drives, network-attached storage, flash drive, and even SD cards. The team is best known for its expertise in data recovery, with a high success rate compared to other service providers in Singapore.


    • One-stop data recovery solution for all your devices: Sometimes, bad luck may hit you real hard, and you may lose your essential data from multiple devices. In that scenario, Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre would be your savior as they have the expertise to recover data from almost any digital device.
    • Maintain data privacy: When handing over your device to someone for data recovery, the confidentiality of critical and personal data might be your primary concern. For the expert technicians at Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre, you can trust them for their integrity as they are driven by the noble core values of the company.
    • Trusted by several laptops and hard disk manufacturers: Dealing directly with the renowned manufacturer. A company can reach this level only due to its professional expertise and outclass services. Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre is also one of those few companies in Singapore that operate directly and has been trusted by multiple laptops and hard disk manufacturers.
    • Have a fast turn-around time: We can understand the trauma you may go through while waiting for your essential data to be recovered back. At Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre, their expert crew members ensure that the waiting time is minimal. They provide you a quick inspection and quote within a few hours, followed by data recovery in no time.


    • Laptop data recovery services
    • Complex disk data recovery services
    • Solid-state disk data recovery services
    • RAID data recovery services
    • Mobile phones data recovery services
    • Network attached storage recovery services
    • USB and flash drive data recovery services
    • SD card data recovery services

    5. Greenergy Data Recovery

    Greenergy Data Recovery Image: Greenergy Data Recovery
  • Best for
    Economical data recovery services
  • Address
    6 Ubi Road 1 #05-12 Wintech Centre, Singapore 408726
  • Phone
    +65 6432 8282
  • Website
  • Having more than two decades of experience, missing Greenergy Data Recovery would be unfair. The company is specialised in hard disk drive data recovery; however, their trained and highly skilled technicians can work their magic on other devices as well. It doesn’t matter if your data loss is caused by an accident or malware, they have a solution to tweak everything for getting back your imperative data.


    • Recruits only proficient engineers: At Greenergy Data Recovery, the company precisely focuses on its staff’s skill level to avoid any inconvenience for the customers. To achieve this, Greenergy Data Recovery has several barriers at its recruitment to enter only the expert people into their facility who will never disappoint you.
    • Offers low-cost services: Quality and reliability do not always come with the cost. Irrespective of their first-class services provided by the expert technicians, Greenergy competes with the industry’s prices very well. In many cases, you will find them below other players in the market when it comes to the fee.
    • Arranges free pick-ups and delivery: Sometimes, you might not have enough time to take your device to their office for data recovery. Well, they have a solution for this as well. Their staff can either come to you or lift the tools and deliver it back home after retrieving your data.
    • Impressive support and communication during the process: Due to their professional set-up and controlled procedures, their staff will keep you updated with everything going on with your device. You will have complete transparency and your data will stay in safe hands as they have strict privacy’s compliance and data confidentiality.


    • Hard disk drive data recovery
    • Server data recovery
    • Flash drive data recovery
    • Mobile data recovery
    • RAID data recovery
    • SAN and NAS data recovery

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