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Brand Incorporated
Brand Incorporated
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    Innovative PR services
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    71 Lorong 23 Geylang, Singapore 388368
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    +65 8881 3083
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  • With its specialization in tourism, hospitality, and healthcare, Brand Incorporated is best known for its unique marketing campaigns. They can surely make your brand a trendsetter in the competitive market out there with a clear vision and innovative ideas. They have their offices in Singapore as well as Malaysia and carry experience of over a decade.


    • Uses advanced technology to ensure a high success rate: Brand Incorporation uses innovative tools such as SEO and Google data analytics to achieve suitable targets. With this approach, they will never disappoint you, and you will always be performing beyond your marketing objectives.
    • Have experience of over 15 years: What else helps you ensure the agency’s reliability other than their experience in the field? With more than a decade of experience, they know when and how to pull strings for the best music of your brand.
    • Have a comprehensive portfolio of services: No matter you are planning to have a PR event, a social media marketing campaign, or looking for other innovative option, Brand Incorporation is the best place to reach. With a wide-ranging portfolio of services, they are capable of covering all your PR needs.
    • Operates in Singapore and Malaysia: Besides its reputation in Singapore, Brand Incorporation has its offices in Malaysia. This means they have diverse staff who will always understand the behavior of the market to get the maximum out of your PR campaign.


    • Food and beverage public relations
    • Digital public relations
    • Health, beauty, and wellness public relations
    • Fashion public relations
    • Travel & hospitality public relations
    • Medical healthcare public relations
    • Event public relations
    • Consumer tech public relations
    • Lifestyle product public relations
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