Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security

Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security
Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security
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    Matrimonial investigation services
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    111 North Bridge Road #08-15 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 (City Hall MRT)
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    +65 6292 9293
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  • Established in 1984, Kokusai Security is one of the most reliable names in terms of private investigations, security management and crowd control. Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security is a specialized service launched by the parent company to help customers finding any suspicious activity about their partners. They have been trusted by thousands for their excellent services, privacy and professionalism.


    • Specialized in matrimonial investigation services: As the name highlights, Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security is a dedicated service to probe if your partner is dishonest to you. You can just explain your doubts and leave the rest to them as they are expert in doing that.
    • Trained and experienced staff: Almost every member of the investigation team has experience in public service departments including the police force or army. With a related background, they are completely proficient and expert in the work they do.
    • Customer-centric counselling services: At Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security, they will not simply take you as their client. They consider each case based on its requirements and their staff will always be an additional moral support to you at a stressful time.
    • Uses advance technology for investigation: Using their expertise in security management, Catch Cheating Spouse by Kokusai Security makes use of innovative products for investigation. They ensure that the results are reliable and nothing lesser than perfection.


    • Private investigation services
    • Matrimonial investigation services

    Aside from the above investigation services, the company is also specialized in below:

    • Executive protection services
    • Surveillance and security products
    • GPS tracking system
    • Security management services
    • Crowd management services
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