5 Most Reliable Towing Services in Singapore: 2023 Guide

Most Reliable Towing Services in Singapore
Most Reliable Towing Services in Singapore

Imagine the nightmare when you are on your way to somewhere important and your vehicle is not responding in the middle of anywhere. Situations like this are truly terrifying and for a moment, you would lose all your energy.

To prepare for difficulties similar to this, you must have an idea of what to do and to whom you should contact. Fortunately, Singapore has multiple towing services available; however, finding the dependable one could be challenging.

Whether you are just caught in the problem or preparing for a possible emergency, the following list of the 5 most reliable towing services in Singapore [2023 review] will surely be a great help. You can simply sit back and relax while they will do everything to get you out of the state.

1. Shenton Recovery

Shenton Recovery Image: Shenton Recovery
  • Best for
    Multistory car park towing
  • Address
    21 Woodlands Close #08-46 Primz Bizhub, Singapore S737854
  • Phone
    +65 9783 8383
  • Website
  • Email
  • Shenton Recovery is a one-stop-shop for most roadside emergencies. You want your vehicle to shift to a workshop or need a quick solution for your batteries or tires, they have everything under the portfolio.

    The team at Shenton Recovery is available round the clock, and with a simple call, you can have them at your location in no time. Their reliable and trained drivers, as well as technicians, will work their magic to resolve your problem efficiently.

    No need to worry about the prices as they offer affordable charges on the island. The 5-star rating on Google reviews is their exceptional quality’s evidence.


    • All services of Shenton Recovery are available round the clock and their supportive customer care staff will be an additional sigh of relief.
    • The company has a well-experienced and trained staff, whether you call a driver or technicians’ services.
    • The services are available across the island and you can have their assistance even in remote areas, where finding a technician immediately is impossible.
    • Shenton Recovery offers competitive prices for all its services and you will find them surpassing your expectations about service quality.


    • Vehicle locksmith services
    • Breakdown assistance
    • Car tow services
    • Mobile tyre repair
    • Onsite spare tyre services
    • General towing
    • Multistory car park towing
    • Tactical tow
    • Roadshows and events towing
    • On-site car jumpstart services

    2. 24 Hours Tow Truck

    24 Hours Tow Truck Image: 24 Hours Tow Truck
  • Best for
    Accidental car removal services
  • Address
    83 Carlisle Road, Singapore 219648
  • Phone
    +65 8285 1616
  • Website
  • 24 Hours Tow Truck is equipped with modern gear that can help you pull out of order or even accidental vehicles back to the station. From personal automobiles to bigger commercial vans, they can respond well to everything.

    The crew at 24 Hours Tow Truck is professional and competent, having multiple years of experience in the field. Their services are available round the clock and even during public holidays.

    Similar to other companies on the list, they also have additional services such as tyre repairing and jumpstarting. Utilizing this will help you to quickly resolve the problem you will be going through in case of an emergency.


    • 24 Hours Tow Truck provides hassle-free towing services and all you need is a simple call to their support staff.
    • Accidents are painful and handling the vehicle transfer would never be a headache if you will be using their accidental car removal services.
    • 24 Hours Tow Truck has modern towing equipment, which makes them appropriate for the safe transfer of any vehicle, whether it is personal or commercial.
    • The company also provides on-site quick repair services which can be used to jumpstart your vehicle or to get the faulty tyre repaired in no time.


    • Accidental vehicle towing services
    • Flat tyre repair services
    • Jumpstart services
    • Vehicle recovery services
    • Car battery repair services
    • Car door lockout services

    3. Siva Towing and Transportation

    Siva Towing and Transportation Image: Siva Towing and Transportation
  • Best for
    Fast response rate for towing services
  • Address
    07# 232, 118 Pending Road, Block 118, Singapore 670118
  • Phone
    +65 9222 8511
  • Website
  • Carrying with them an experience of over 15 years, Siva Towing and Transportation is among the most reliable and cost-effective towing solution in Singapore. With this much familiarity, they completely understand the challenges one may go through in case of emergency, and this is why their portfolio covers a range of additional services.

    Specifically designed for bikes, they can cater to all your towing and transportation needs. Thanks to the up-to-date infrastructure and facilities that they are maintaining.

    Siva Towing and Transportation have its services island-wide. They have also been praised by hundreds of customers due to their fast response rate.


    • With extensive experience in the field, Siva Towing and Transportation is well-aware of the necessary actions to be taken for your vehicle’s safe carriage.
    • You are unsure are where you? Simply sending your location on WhatsApp and their genies will join you in few minutes.
    • If you prefer preventive approaches to save you from bigger emergencies, you can also call them for inspection services if an abnormal sound is just felt on your motorbike.
    • Siva Towing and Transportation is perfect for accidental towing services as they will also handle your claim process afterwards as a complementary service.


    • Motorcycle towing services
    • Traffic police compound collection services
    • Inspection services
    • Export services
    • Scrap services
    • One-stop accidental claim services

    4. Jet Speed Towing

    Jet Speed Towing Image: Jet Speed Towing
  • Best for
    Towing services for commercial vehicles
  • Address
    83 Carlisle Road, Singapore 219648
  • Phone
    +65 9179 6344
  • Website
  • Email
  • When they call it “jet” speed, they literally mean that. Jet Speed Towing is best known for its admirable response rate. Thanks to their impressive business model, which allows them to do so.

    Unlike other operations, Jet Speed Towing has its drivers available at different locations across the island. No matter what your location is, the driver will be accessible for your assistance in few minutes.

    If you are new to Singapore, their cooperative staff will guide you through the next process of getting your vehicle repair. Besides, they will also try to do quick fixes that may assist you to quickly resolve the malfunction.


    • Jet Speed Towing is a full service towing company that operates with an objective beyond your faulty vehicle’s transportation.
    • The company offers towing services for commercial vehicles with its state-of-the-art and powerful trucks’ fleet.
    • If you get an empty fuel tank in the middle of a road, simply call them for their superb refueling services to get your car back to life.
    • In terms of affordability, you will see Jet Speed Towing beating its competitors with their attractive price quotes for all of the services.


    • Vehicle towing and transfer services
    • Refuelling services
    • Battery replacement services
    • Car lockout services
    • Quick car maintenance and repair services

    5. BH Auto Services: Towing Service

    BH Auto Services: Towing Service Image: BH Auto Services
  • Best for
    All-inclusive towing and maintenance services
  • Address
    1 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector C, Singapore 575636
  • Phone
    +65 9101 3232
  • Website
  • Email
  • With its core expertise in repairs, BH Auto Services offers free cost towing services for its loyal customers. This just does not end here; they will also provide hassle-free maintenance of your vehicle whatever the problem is.

    Sometimes, common vehicle problems simply need a quick solution. At BH Auto Services, their expert staff is commendable for their abilities to quickly understand and rectify such issue on the spot.

    The company also provides supplementary services that would save you a lot during an emergency. This makes them a perfect choice of many on the island.


    • BH Auto Services free car towing for its loyal customers who have previously used their car maintenance services, and the charges are nominal if you are just getting on board.
    • If you are in a hurry and your vehicle maintenance will take time, get their car leasing services and leave the towing, transportation and repairs to them.
    • BH Auto Services have comprehensive car maintenance facilities which will save you the extra hassle of finding a technician for your defective vehicle.
    • The company has been applauded by hundreds due to their speedy and reliable towing as well as maintenance service.


    • Car towing services
    • Car battery replacement and repair services
    • Car leasing services
    • Vehicle maintenance services
    • Spray painting services
    • Accidental claim services

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