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CPH Online Counseling
CPH Online Counseling
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  • CPH Online Counseling was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development to help people who feel distressed or overwhelmed due to divorce, parenting, or marital problems. The team of professional psychologists offers free online counseling via email or web chats for all Singaporean adults.


    • Free online or phone services for adults: The CPH Online Counseling is a pilot program designed to help people improve their well-being. The free service helps you navigate challenges without any charges.
    • Services offered by qualified professionals: CPH qualified professionals are ready to assist families or individuals with parenting, marital, divorce, or family violence issues. It also offers a broad range of online resources related to this field.
    • Planning in advance is not always necessary: After registering, users can immediately begin chatting with a counselor. If there is no one available at the moment, you can book a suitable time slot that will be reserved for you.


    • Email/phone/chat therapy
    • Divorce
    • Marital challenges
    • Parenting
    • Family violence


    • Free counseling
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