Handyman Singapore: Window Repair

Handyman Singapore: Window Repair
Handyman Singapore: Window Repair
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  • Handyman Singapore is a renowned name in the repair and other technical services within the island. Besides windows repair services, they have expert crew members that can handle everything from plumbing, painting to locksmith services.

    Due to the years of experience, they are the best fit for specialised services such as handling repairs in high-risk areas. Sometimes, your windows might be at unusual height without any support and in this case, their team would be a perfect choice.

    With such high services’ standards, you might be wondering about their prices? Well, no need to worry about it as they still maintain affordability by minimizing their operational cost.


    • Handyman Singapore offers a complete range of services, and you can engage them for a wide-ranging window renovation.
    • The company’s technical staff is highly trained and can handle the repair services even in high-risk areas.
    • Due to their expertise in other repair services, their technicians will also be suitable to handle side hassles during windows renovation.
    • The company offers 24/7 services, and their technical and support staff will be accessible anytime you need.


    • Window handle repair
    • Window handle lock wedge repair
    • Window flush bolt lever repair
    • Window friction stay (hinges, arm, support bracket)
    • Window glass replacement
    • Window grille crescent lock repair
    • Sliding window crescent lock repair
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