JL Employment Services

JL Employment Services
JL Employment Services
  • License
  • Experience
    13 years
  • Placement volume
    155 – Above Industry Avg 70.18
  • Transfer rate
    0.71% - Better than Industry Avg 1.59%
  • Retention rate
    62.7% - Better than Industry Avg 55.31%
  • Performance records
    August 2017 to August 2018
  • Good customer service is the selling point of JL Employment services. Their sincere staff has gained our trust from the moment of exchanging phone conversation. They guide employers through the whole process with care from their warm hearts. And this works in its own way because after all we deserve a comfortable experience even when looking to hire a helper – one of the hardest jobs in our daily life.


    • Providing of Indonesian, Filipino, Myanmar and Indian foreign domestic workers
    • Direct hiring of your own foreign domestic helper to work in Singapore
    • Home leave processing for embassy endorsement
    • Application & cancellation of work permits
    • Renewal of Philippine and Indonesian passports
    • Renewal of work permit
    • Medical checkup
    • Purchasing of Insurance and Banker’s guarantee
    • Booking and purchasing of air tickets
    • Transportation and escort services for your domestic worker
    • Placement of transfer domestic worker in Singapore
    • Lodging of transfer domestic worker during your vacation

    Filipino package with one replacement within 6 months:

    • Agency fee: $480
    • All administrative costs: $732.80 (experienced Singapore transfer helpers); $882.80 (others)
    • Placement fee: $2000

    Indonesian package with one replacement of new maid within 3 months:

    • Agency fee: $1288 (fresh helpers); $1488 (experienced helpers)
    • All administrative costs: $200 (experienced Singapore transfer helpers); $350 (others)
    • Placement fee: $2500 – $3000

    Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #B1-54A Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore 588996
    Phone: (65) 6468 8083

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