5 Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore for Your Convenience

Best Pizza Delivery Singapore
Best Pizza Delivery Singapore
Image: Pizza Delivery

Just like the value of T-shirt in fashion, pizza has that universal beauty in the culinary world. With adoration, our Singaporeans often think of pizzas as the first food option for our casual gatherings and non-cooking days.

So just keep our list of the best pizza deliveries [updated 2021] on hand to make a convenient order whenever there is a need. They are the top services with fast and hot delivery that locals are most interested in.

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1. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Image: Domino’s Pizza
  • Delivery hotline
    (+65) 6222 6333
  • Minimum order
  • Delivery charges
  • Special promotion
    For the love of local – a tribute to Singaporean flavors in celebration of the nation’s 55th birthday (deals start at S$5.50)
  • Covid-19 notes
    Zero Contact Delivery is now being implemented. Orders by phone are currently not accepted. Orders must be placed through the online ordering platform and paid via cashless options.
  • Website
  • If there is an urgent need for having hot pizzas on your table in short time, you can rely on the service of Domino’s Pizza. This world-famous food delivery service is confident that the staff is able to hand the delicious pizzas to you within 30 minutes (including the time for baking and delivering) after your orders placed; otherwise, Domino’s will give you a free pizza voucher for subsequent use.

    And the better thing is that there is no GST, all the prices published on their website are Nett prices.

    NOTE: You can use their useful online GPS Tracker (Great Pizza Service Tracker) to track your order from the moment your order is placed to the time your pizzas leave the store.

    2. Sarpino’s

    Sarpino’s Image: Sarpino's
  • Delivery hotline
    +65 6636 3636
  • Minimum order
  • Delivery charges
  • Special promotions
    • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
    • 2 Regular Classic Pizzas for S$22
    • Free selected side dish for every S$30 purchase
  • Website
  • Having late-night pizza cravings? Sarpino’s offers island-wide pizza delivery up to 1 AM! Enjoy their high-quality classic, specialty, and gourmet pizzas made with the finest ingredients and dough handmade fresh daily. You can even get 2 for the price of 1!

    Sarpino’s is a chain of Italian restaurants that was founded by Gerry Koutougos in Canada. From its origins in Victoria, British Columbia, the chain has grown to more than 250 branches around the world and it just recently established its international headquarters in Singapore.

    Sarpino’s is currently the 3rd largest pizza group in the Lion City with 7 branches across the island, 3 of which stay open past midnight on weekends.

    Aside from their popular pizzas, Sarpino’s also serves chicken recipes, salads, and desserts. Our personal favorite on the menu is the Classico Italiano pizza. It’s the next best thing to eating pizza in the piazzas of Rome.

    NOTE: Delivery time is usually 45 minutes during off-peak hours. During peak hours the store will notify you upon acceptance of your order.

    3. Spizza

    Spizza Image: Spizza
  • Delivery hotline
    (+65) 6377 7773
  • Minimum order
    For deliveries to Tuas area, a minimum order of $100 per order is required
  • Delivery charges
    S$3 for orders below S$60
  • Delivery hours
    Mon - Fri: 11:45 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
    Sat, Sun, PH: 12:30 - 22:30
  • Website
  • Named all the pizzas with popular lady names like Anna, Donna and Sofia, Spizza would like us to make friend with the beauties and be inspired by their beauty. No matter what names they are, these lady pizzas have one thing in common: slim body. Yes, there are around 25 thin-crusted pizza options on the delivery menu for you to choose from.

    Fresh and high quality ingredients used make this shop’s authentic wood-fired pizzas a delicious piece of Italia right in Singapore. Vegetarians can choose to go with Margherita, Laura, Claudia, Elisa or Quinta and enjoy all the goodness that non-meat ingredients have to offer.

    Besides pizzas, a wide selection of salads, Italian antipasti and sides, pasta and oven-baked dishes are also available for delivery.

    You can get your foods presented on your tables within about one hour after ordering.

    NOTE: Delivery charges are subject to GST

    4. Peperoni Pizzeria

    Peperoni Pizzeria Image: Peperoni Pizzeria
  • Delivery hotline
    (+65) 6899 6899
  • Minimum order
  • Delivery charges
    S$4 (orders below S$60)
    $0 (orders above S$60)
    Extra charge of S$2 for deliveries on weekends and public holidays regardless of amount ordered
  • Delivery hours
    12:00 – 22:30
  • Special promotion
    25% off for all frontline and healthcare workers (until 31/08/2020)
  • Website
  • At Peperoni Pizzeria, the generous yummy toppings shine alongside the crispy thin crust. You can order those delicious Italian wood-fired pizzas to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

    Delivery service is available mainly around its four outlets at Binjai Park, Zion Road, Frankel Avenue and Biopolis Road. It usually takes 40 to 50 minutes at non-peak times and 60 to 90 minutes at peak times like weekends or public holidays for the pizzas to arrive at your home, so early ordering is a smart choice.


    • You will get 10% discount for online orders through the restaurant’s website.
    • A S$10 dine-in/takeaway voucher is given for any orders of S$60 and above.

    5. Rite Pizza

    Rite Pizza Image: Rite Pizza
  • Delivery hotline
    (+65) 6899 3838
  • Minimum order
  • Delivery charges
    $3 for orders below $25
    $0 for orders above $25
  • Delivery hours
    Daily 10:30 – 21:30
  • Website
  • Rite Pizza started with a single outlet at Holland Village in 2005. Today, it has expanded into five branches across Singapore.

    This pizza delivery is popular for its daily buy-one-get-one promotion. Customers also get free drinks for every $40 purchase.

    This particular pizza brand uses fresh dough, low fat cheese, and less oil, creating more healthy meals. Their pizza menu includes beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetable choices. You can choose between hand-tossed or thin crust variants. 

    Their signature pizza is the Meat Supreme which contains cheese, ground beef, shredded chicken, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, and turkey bacon.

    Other items on the menu include chicken wings, pasta, and salad, among others.

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