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Local Service: Plumbing Services

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An independent division branching from the renowned Local Service company, Local Service: Plumbing Services is an exceptional business with a wealth of highly-regarded knowledge and expertise in the field.

What people like

  • Technical experts regardless of job scope: Whether you are facing a plumbing issue in a high-rise or at a corporate building, Local Service will be more than pleased to provide efficient and knowledgeable service to you, at affordable prices.
  • 24/7 service nationwide for peace-of-mind: With highly trained specialists available all day, every day, your emergency plumbing needs can be solved in no-time. If you have any technical queries, there is an online handyman that can answer all your plumbing-related questions at any time of day.
  • Cost-effective plumbing with no hidden fees: With no additional charges and admin costs, Local Service only expects you to pay what is quoted to you.

JOB SCOPE: Including but not limited to

  • Draining chokes and general plumbing services
  • Hot water heating installation services
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Installation or replacement of sinks, taps, bidet, toilet bowls, and pipes
  • Repairing of leaking taps, toilet bowls, flush tanks, pipes

PRICE LIST: Individual quotes are determined by the plumber, depending on the scope of the project.

CONTACT: (+65) 6797 0750

WHATSAPP: (+65) 9653 7917

ADDRESS: Block 292B, SkyPeak Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, #16-228, Singapore 652292

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