The 5 Best Gelato Shops in Singapore

Image: Milk and Honey Gelato

Gelato, the healthy version of ice cream, is on trend.

The health-conscious loves it. The weight-watchers love it. And our Singaporeans love it. This doesn’t mean Singaporeans are all the health-conscious people or the weight- watchers. Just because eating gelato is one of our ways of life. Enjoying this cold, smooth and flavourful dessert with all our heart is a way to appreciate the year-round hot and humid weather on the island.

Whether you are into Italian-style gelato or Japanese-style. Whether you want to have your favorites in a relaxing neighborhood venue or in a hip central location. Our guide to the best gelateria in Singapore will help you find your love.

1. Alfero Artisan Gelato

Alfero Artisan Gelato Image: Alfero Artisan Gelato


  • Alfero’s menu is a beautiful mix of classic and local favorite flavours: What sweet tooth can expect from this gelato café are the best scoops of classic flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee as well as the local all time favorites such as Durian, Green Tea and Mango. Coming to Alfero, people forget about the quantity. Twelve flavors are enough to make its loyal following happy as the quality is excellent.
  • Pistachio gelato is the clear winner: While all the offerings are delicious, the standout is the Pistachio. The creaminess and smoothness give this gelato a good base while the rich nutty pistachio flavor provides it a pair of wings to fly high up in the sky.
  • Century-old method of storing gelato: Surprised by the lack of colourful display of gelati in the shop? The gems are hidden in deep pozzetto cabinets to ensure that the gelati remain fresh and unaffected by air and light.
  • Pleasant customer service by friendly staff: Although you can’t see their exciting offerings, they gladly make up for it with their warm service. The staff assists you in trying all the different flavours hidden in deep metal wells before your taste buds approve its favorite.

2. Haato & Co. @ Clarke Quay (Closed)

Haato & Co. @ Clarke Quay (Closed) Image: Haato & Co.


  • Japanese-style gelato: Recipes and techniques used are derived from Japanese cuisine which means that the gelati taste lighter, less sweet, and the consistency is more pure than its Italian counterpart. But of course, the Italian touch doesn’t disappear completely as the classic flavours are still mainly inspired by Italian gelato such as French vanilla, strawberry, chocolate hazelnut, and rum & raisin.
  • Thick, velvety and natural: A good gelato is hard to judge by its cover unless you’re a connoisseur. So newbies can only rely on their sense of taste and a bit of sense of sight. The gelati and sorbets at Haato are generally thick and velvety as an authentic one should be, while some are infused with real fruits such as strawberry, banana, mango, and melon. Most colours are rather dark relative to the fruit/nut flavour, which means the gelato maker must have put in extra effort to only use natural ingredients.
  • Waffles are comparable to the best local ice cream parlours: If you thought of Creamier upon reading waffles, then you might want to give Haato a try! The waffle is thick, soft on the inside, and has crusty edges, a perfect match to the soft and smooth gelato. It can also be topped with certain syrup flavours depending on your order.
  • Offers breathtaking views of the Singapore River: Dining in Haato at The Central can give you the best seat to watch the activities around the Singapore River as they come by. You must dine-in alfresco to enjoy the view and feel the cool breeze, while eating your stress away with a cup of gelato. This place can definitely give you a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Milk and Honey Gelato @ Bedok North

Milk and Honey Gelato @ Bedok North Image: Milk and Honey Gelato


  • A wonderful gelato destination in the East: Sit next to Bedok 85 Food Market (also known as Fengshan Food Centre) – a familiar food court to people in the East, Milk and Honey Gelato completes the area’s food scene with its delightful selection of gelati. Packed with rich, creamy goodness, best-selling flavours like Choc-a-baby, Balsamic Strawberry, Salty Malty and Salted Caramel will simply steal your heart and keep you craving for more.
  • Good selection of freshly brewed coffee: Don’t be surprised when you see people flocking to this gelato stop for a cup of coffee. Yes, variety and quality do matter. From espresso, to cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black, and mocha, the coffee at this little store is always aromatic and flavorful.
  • Buddy Meal Quaffles Set, a good choice for sharing: Offered at S$14.50, this two-person dessert set includes two scoops of gelato, one quaffles and one jar of lemonade. Pick your favorite gelato from the shop’s premium Mason Bee and Queen Bee series, you will know how good this deal is.
  • Open until midnight: If you know that not many dessert shops in the neighborhood open till 00:00 or 01:00, you will appreciate this stall’s operating hours. Milk and Honey Gelato is unquestionably an ideal place to round off your meal at Fengshan Food Centre or to satisfy your late night hankering for sweets.

4. Gelatissimo @ Shaw House

Gelatissimo @ Shaw House Image: Gelatissimo


  • Refreshingly sweet fruit-based gelati: One would know that a fruity gelato is indeed made with real ingredients if it tasted as naturally flavorful as the real fruit, the natural fruit colour blended well with the mixture, and the icy tidbits melt away too quickly. Few examples of flavours include strawberry, coconut, mango, and lychee.
  • Indulge in a gluten-free and dairy-free dessert: Some gelati and sorbet flavours are essentially fruit and sugar at the base. Therefore, people with celiac disease and vegans might find Gelatissimo the best haven for their guilty pleasures. All flavours are freshly churned on-site!
  • A plethora of award-winning Italian ice cream flavours: Laid out in the counter beautifully, each gelato is stacked on a metal bin to retain its freshness and support it stably. Simple flavours like salted caramel, hazelnut, and mango might offer a good start, while the unique flavours like burnt caramel & pecan, chocolate truffle, and Red Bull could be enough reason to go back.
  • Up to 3 flavour combinations: While most ice cream parlours only allow two flavour combinations, Gelatissimo provides some more room for play and experimentation to its customers. This is perfect for diners who love mixing different ice cream flavours and won’t regret it regardless of the outcome.
  • Open until 1AM on weekends: Shaw House outlet must be your go-to place for a quick gelato fix after having a good movie time at Lido.

5. +39 Gelato Bar (Closed)

+39 Gelato Bar (Closed) Image: +39 Gelato Bar (Closed)


  • Finest Italian gelato indulgence in Singapore: +39 Gelato Bar is essentially on a crusade for introducing the best gelato flavours to the Far East. And it is done in haute style no less. The gelati are always made on-site and come out in fresh batches of tubs with no preservatives, artificial flavourings, or food colouring added into the mix!
  • Dazzling selection of frozen cocktails: If the waffle and ice cream duo bores you, then this kind of adults-only concept might keep you interested in +39 Gelato Bar. Imagine any of these flavours – Spritz Aperol Sorbet, Lychee Sorbet Martini, Lime Sorbet Mojito, Frozen Margarita and Frozen Pina Colada – are available on the day of your visit? It is just wow. Eating Aperol sorbet is like having a glass of Aperol Spritz but in its frozen version – the Aperol is mixed with Prosecco wine and garnished with a slice of orange. Has a bitter after-taste but so does any cocktail drink!
  • A round lid to close-off the bin: This may be a minor detail but lids can actually contribute to keeping the gelato fresh and flavourful all day. It does what it does best – to seal the freshness of a gelato’s natural ingredients. For many Italians, selling gelato doesn’t need visuals because they primarily care about the gelato’s overall quality, anyway.
  • You’re free to add a topping of your choice: Whether a dose of chocolate syrup or a cocktail, you are more than welcome to spice up your gelato experience. Simply ask the chef to add some toppings to your order, or better yet, ask for an expert’s advice!

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