Prince’s Flower Shop (Temporary Closed)

Prince’s Flower Shop (Temporary Closed)
Prince’s Flower Shop (Temporary Closed)
Image: Prince's Flower Shop
  • Selection
  • Prices start from
    S$48 (bouquets)
  • Delivery fee
    • Free for normal deliveries
    • S$20 for special deliveries
  • Delivery time
    Normally from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Best for buying
    • Cheap hand bouquets
    • Low price grand opening & condolence stands
  • E-commerce store
  • Prince’s Flower Shop has been serving the floral needs of people in Singapore since 1966. This florist is known for simple but stunning flower arrangements. Like most of the top floral shops in Singapore, Prince’s Flower Shop also offers other services like gifts and stage décor for events.

    What people like:

    • Wide range of hand bouquets under $69: There are no less than 40 hand bouquet designs with prices ranging from $59 to $69 for you to choose from. All time favorite flowers like roses, lilies, sunflowers, carnations and gerberas are often seen in their wallet-friendly bouquet selection.
    • Inexpensive grand opening and condolence stands for delivery: If you think saying congratulation and showing sympathy don’t need to spend that much money, then Prince’s Flower Shop is your right florist. Their 180cm stands have the prices from $110 to $220, but options lower than $132 are abundant.
    • Same day free delivery that applies to orders made before 16:00.

    Prince's-Flower-Shop-singapore1Image: Prince’s Flower Shop


    • Flower Specials: S$59 to S$150
    • Flower Bouquets: S$48 to S$417
    • Flower Arrangements: S$59 to S$229
    • Gifts: S$59 to S$179
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