Tembusu Events and Communications

Tembusu Events and Communications
Tembusu Events and Communications
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    Personalized and virtual events
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    18 Howard Road, Novelty BizCentre #06-05 Singapore 369585
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    +65 8339 3022
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  • Tembusu Events and Communications was founded in Singapore in 2012. Ever since, they have organized and managed a broad array of corporate events, including gala and awards nights, dinner and dancers, and more. In light of the pandemic, it provides cutting-edge event technology that allows its customers to move their events in the virtual world. Apart from this innovative offering, the company is specialized in planning any formal and informal events of all types and sizes.


    • A highly creative company with a passion for technology: Tembusu Events and Communications resonates with people passionate about cutting-edge technology. Its novel concepts make the company stand out from the crowd, combining virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile applications to create a seamless, unique event.
    • A diverse team that can cater to all of your needs: Tembusu Events and Communication has a very diverse team with a combined background in public relations, hospitality, and even the military sector. This ensures its ability to cater to all of your needs with exquisite attention to detail and quality.
    • Personalized experience in the form of special events: The company pushes the boundary of creativity by allowing you to customize your event to your liking. It has the capabilities and resources to create a unique event according to your goals and needs. It may be a hybrid of the traditional types of event, meeting your personal objectives, or a one-off event.


    • Virtual events (AGMs, webinars, dinner and dance, workshops)
    • Corporate events
    • Anniversary dinners
    • Product launches
    • Dinner and dance events
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