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  • Target Audience
    Casual fun-seekers
  • Platform
    iOS and Android
  • Website
  • Tinder is the most popular dating app worldwide. The app is well known for its swiping culture. A lot of dating apps have copied the Tinder model with some of them incorporating its swipe feature into their app.

    A number of celebrities have been found using the app. You can also meet with foreigners and not just residents of your country. Tinder is currently popular in Singapore.

    What people like

    • The foremost dating app: Tinder is the number one dating app in the world. All other dating apps strive to emulate or outclass Tinder. Tinder has the largest population of active users worldwide, so you have access to an extensive database of users.
    • Easy swipe feedback: Tinder has an easy to use interface whereby you swipe right if you like a person’s profile and swipe left if you don’t. The latest update to the app has done a lot to stop those who spam the right swipe motion.
    • Linked Instagram accounts: Users can link their Tinder account to their Instagram account for better authenticity. You can view the Instagram photos of those you fancy and get to know them better.

    After downloading the app, you connect to Facebook to create a profile. The app feeds you with potential matches. You swipe right to like the person and left to skip the person. If you like each other mutually, you can start chatting with each other.

    The app is free, but you pay for Tinder Plus, a premium service which allows you to meet international people, get unlimited likes, undo swipes and get access to other features. Tinder Plus costs US$9.99 (S$14.46) for users under 28 years old, while it costs US$19.99 (S$28.93) per month for users over 28. 


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