Aquanox at Adventure Cove Waterpark


Get ready to dance the night away at BluWater Bay with our flow of electrifying DJs and their thumping beats. And don’t miss your chance to join DJ Hello Kitty as she makes a splash at her one-night-only Christmas Eve beach rave party! Doors open at 9pm and the party begins at 10pm on 24 30 and 31 Dec 2023. Event guests must be 18 years old and above (based on their exact date of birth) on the day of the event.

DJ Hello Kitty Rocks the Christmas Eve Beach Rave

Kick off the celebrations on 24 December at BluWater Bay with the sensational DJ Hello Kitty leading a one-night-only Christmas Eve beach rave party. Countdown to Christmas to the thumping EDM sounds of DJ Hello Kitty Nicole Chen and Suya.

Countdown to 2024 with Incredible DJ Lineups

Dance into the New Year at Aquanox on 30 and 31 December! On the 30th experience the flow of DJ Bxxch Nicole Chen Heejae Kara Risho and Lua’s K-POP and EDM beats. On New Year’s Eve join dancer Sumire in welcoming 2024 to the remixes of popular classics and current beats by DJ Yunkoro Unmonkey and Krazykat. This promises to be a countdown like no other!

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