Derrick Hoh 何維健 《HERE AS I AM 我還是我》Live Concert 2022


This is the story of a boy.

A mysterious yet charming boy, born from an asteroid somewhere in the solar system. In search of his dream, he roamed the galaxies, visited countless wonders and places, before making his way to Earth. It is there he realised what he had been looking for was, all along, hidden within this vast sky…

Come along with Derrick Hoh as he embarks on a magical journey of self-exploration. Witness the ups and downs of a boy’s transformation to a man and a better version of himself. After 6 years of anticipation, Derrick Hoh launches his biggest concert “Here As I Am”, complete with a new song and a new look!


來自太陽系中某個小行星的他,為了找尋夢想開始在各星球中漫遊,造訪無數奇觀異物,最終 回歸到地球上。他赫然發現一直追尋的竟然藏在這片遼闊天空。。。

以「我」為核心,隨著何維健展開一場探索自我的奇幻旅程,目睹從前的稚氣男生經歷起起伏伏 的人生階段,蛻變成為男人而體現出更好的自己。睽違6年後展開最大型《我還是我》個人售票 演唱會,何維健親自參與演唱會規劃,以全新編曲和百變面貌,讓觀眾看到最全面的何維健!

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