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SIFA 2018: …Sodade…

For families looking for a free show to enjoy this SIFA
  • SIFA 2018: …Sodade…

An enchanting French evening of aerial circus performed to live music!

…Sodade… follows the story of an old man who was exiled for a long time and daydreams of his past in sweet nostalgia as the sea breeze caresses his skin. His recollection of his indelible memories inspires him to continue living, whatever it takes.

This nostalgic ode to life is performed by two musicians, playing and singing on a unique circus structure featuring huge twin wheels, each over two metres in width, with a 21-metre long tightrope cable strung in between.

…Sodade was created by Cirque Rouages, a production company based in Lorraine, France. The company has performed all over the world and spread inspiration to international audiences through their imaginative sets and breathtaking acts.

…Sodade… is a live music acrobatic show that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Performances are done in English and French.

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