5 Best Music Schools in Singapore 2023: All Ages, All Levels!

Best Music Schools in Singapore
Best Music Schools in Singapore
Image: Studio 72

Music is considered a universal language of humankind, and we know that many of you would be enthusiastic about learning it. However, like other language and art classes, learning music also requires consistent expert guidance to get the necessary level of mastery.

Whether you plan for your kids to learn piano, guitar or singing at a very young age or you have decided to be the great singer of the future, music schools will always be the first step on the ladder. Several music schools are working in Singapore, but only a handful of them have developed a reputation for their expertise and the environment provided to the students.

Today, our experts have explored this for you to shortlist the 5 best music schools in Singapore [2023 review]. So before you decide to go for your passion, you may review this list to get the right direction!

1. Lee Wei Song School of Music

Lee Wei Song School of Music Image: Lee Wei Song School of Music
  • Best for
    Virtual music training
  • Address
    Pico Creative Centre, 20 Kallang Avenue, Lobby B Level 2 Unit A, Singapore 339411
  • Phone
    +65 6883 0320
  • Website
  • Email
  • Established in 1995, Lee Wei Song School of Music is best known for its expertise in singing and songwriting. With state-of-the-art facilities, passion and teaching assistance, they have proved themselves the pioneer of combining both theories and practical to prepare their students as a master of singing. The founder of Lee Wei Song School of Music believes that music was never and should not be considered a privilege that is given to few; rather, this is food for every soul.


    • Experienced and skilled teaching staff: Learning music will definitely require the support and guidance of experts. Understanding this very well, Lee Wei Song School of Music relies only on qualified music teachers with years of proven record in the industry.
    • Maintains a focused approach for each age group: Depending upon your age bracket you belong to or the culture and ethnicity, you may have different learning requirements. This is why experts at Lee Wei Song School of Music develop course contents considering the individual needs of every student.
    • Pioneer in practical and theory in a group setting: Learning music in a group setting is both effective and fun as it offers the opportunity to get inspired by peers. Lei Wei Song School of Music is one of the few institutes that use this tool efficiently.
    • Offers music training in a virtual environment: Following COVID-19, everything adopts the new normal, and so do the music learning schools. Taking the first step in this regard, Lei Wei Song School of Music offers music schooling on virtual platforms.


    • Songwriting training
    • Pop vocals training
    • Classical piano training
    • Pop keyboard training
    • Pop guitar training
    • Pop ukulele training
    • Karaoke microphones


    • Pop vocals class starts from $420 with associate instructors
    • Songwriting class starts from $1,440 with the director
    • Classical piano class starts from $660 with principal
    • Pop guitar class starts from $420 with associate instructors
    • Pop ukulele class starts from $420 with associate instructors

    2. Creative Hearts

    Creative Hearts Image: Creative Hearts
  • Best for
    Fun and engaging lessons for all ages
  • Address
    - 2 Pandan Valley, #01-200, Singapore 597626
    - 428 River Valley, #02-04 Loft@Nathan, Singapore 248327
  • Phone
    +65 8767 9761
  • Website
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
    Chat on WhatsApp
  • Creative Hearts specializes in early childhood training in the performing arts. It was founded in Singapore by award-winning singer-songwriter and composer Natalie Hiong, who believes that developing talent and creativity at an early age is integral to honing well-rounded individuals.

    The various music programmes at Creative Hearts include music and movement, vocal and instrumental coaching, songwriting, dance, and drama.


    • Fun and engaging piano and singing lessons: Creative Hearts’ holistic curriculum incorporates theory, rhythm, and aural musicianship, along with teaching techniques and pieces. Their signature group piano program ‘Little Pianists’ is great for young beginners who prefer a small group setting, and their ‘Kids on Keys’ primer program introduces music and piano concepts through fun activities, making it an excellent starting point for young students.
    • Uses established music teaching methods: Creative Hearts incorporates Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze music pedagogies suitable for learners as young as four months old!
    • 50% off on trial lessons: If you are unsure about enrolling in a music class, you can book a trial lesson at half the regular price.
    • School-adopted music programmes: The music programmes of Creative Hearts have been adopted by Maplebear International Singapore, EtonHouse Pre-schools, E-bridge Pre-schools, and XCL World Academy.
    • Two branches in Singapore: Creative Hearts has branches conveniently located at Pandan Valley and River Valley in Singapore.


    • Early childhood music & movement
    • Piano lessons
    • Singing lessons
    • Piano primer programme
    • Instrumental programmes
    • Musical theatre classes
    • Bilingual playgroups
    • Songwriting & composition programme


    • Early Childhood Music & Movement: S$18 (30-45 minutes trial lesson)
    • Bilingual Playgroups: S$24 (45-minute trial lesson)
    • Piano: from S$24 (45-minute trial lesson)
    • Vocals: from S$18 (45-minute trial lesson)
    • Ukulele: from S$18 (45-minute trial lesson)
    • Musical Theatre & Drama: S$18 (45-minute trial lesson)
    • Music Theory: S$25 (30-min trial lesson)

    @ Pandan Valley
    2 Pandan Valley, #01-200, Singapore 597626

    @ River Valley
    428 River Valley, #02-04 Loft@Nathan, Singapore 248327

    3. Silvernow Music School

    Silvernow Music School Image: Silvernow Music School
  • Best for
    Passionate and understanding mentors
  • Address
    Roxy Square II Shopping Centre, 50 East Coast Road, #02-90,Singapore 428769 (Opposite Parkway Parade)
  • Phone
    +65 6440 6805
  • Website
  • Email
  • Silvernow Music School established in 2016 with a vision to spread happiness through the art of music. Despite relatively less experience in the industry, they managed to develop a high reputation with the quality of their music lessons and the expertise of the staff. Whether you are interested in guitar, violin, piano, ukulele, music theory or vocals, they have teachers specialized in every field to provide you nothing less than the best.


    • Award-winning music school: Since its establishment in 2016, Silvernow Music School has gathered multiple excellence awards. This proves their superiority and expertise in the field that leaves everyone else behind.
    • Develops partnership with music instrument manufacturers: Silvernow Music Schools collaborates with multiple music instrument manufacturers to offer discounts to the students. Besides the rebates on your favourite guitar or piano, you may also get free lessons by purchasing them from their selected suppliers.
    • Passionate and understanding teachers: Besides your interest and willingness to learn music, your mentor’s passion plays a role in keeping you running. At Silvernow Music Schools, the teaching style knows this very well, and it is exhibited through their teaching style.
    • Have flexible working hours: We understand that as an adult, you may want to learn music in your free time. Don’t worry as Slivernow Music School have flexible training hours that you may select based on your needs and even during the weekends.


    • Piano lessons
    • Violin lessons
    • Singing lessons
    • Flute lessons
    • Dizi lessons
    • Guitar lessons
    • Ukulele lessons
    • Theory lessons


    • Piano lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Violin lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Singing lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Flute lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Dizi lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Guitar lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Ukulele lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson
    • Theory lessons: $35 per 30 mins lesson

    4. Music Lifestyle Academy

    Music Lifestyle Academy Image: Music Lifestyle Academy
  • Best for
    Learning music at home
  • Address
    No.6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central#03-30 Singapore 059817
  • Phone
    +65 6221 5221
  • Website
  • Email
  • Regardless of your beginning point, Music Lifestyle Academy is ready to be a part of your music learning journey due to the flexibility and level of details it maintains. They understand the personalized requirements of each student and based on that, the teaching material and schedule is adjusted accordingly. You can select any lesson of your choice from a wide range listed on their website along with your mentor, and they will arrange the classes in your home.


    • Offers music classes at home: No matter the type of lesson you have selected for yourself, the teaching staff at the Music Lifestyle Academy is flexible to your schedule. They can visit you at your home until you get the required level of mastery.
    • Sells musical instruments: Besides offering to coach for music, Music Lifestyle Academy also sells musical instruments. If you are confused about the type and quality of the device you should purchase, they might be your first choice.
    • Creates opportunities to perform events: Once you are done with your music learning, it might be your dream to sing in front of a large audience. Well, they completely understand this and will provide you with prospects for the same.
    • Offers maintenance services for musical instruments: During coaching or even after that, if your favourite musical instrument needs servicing, Music Lifestyle Academy can help you with that as well. They have professionally trained technicians that understand every part of these gadgets.


    • Young musician courses
    • Piano lessons
    • Violin lessons
    • Viola lessons
    • Cello lessons
    • Guitar lessons
    • Harmonica lessons
    • Singing lessons
    • Music theory lessons
    • Music ensemble lessons
    • Music composing lessons

    5. Studio 72

    Studio 72 Image: Studio 72
  • Best for
    Flexible scheduling
  • Address
    Music Lessons in Singapore - Studio72, 24B Circular Rd, Singapore 049380
  • Phone
    +65 9322 7272
  • Website
  • For everyone with a desire to learn, young to old, Studio 72 offers professional and well-crafted music lessons. With a fun, inclusive and engaging environment, the passionate and understanding mentors will make you love the music.

    At Studio 72, most of the music learning sessions are conducted by veteran teachers; this means you can gradually improve your skills. Unlike other schools, they specifically focus on their ambiance as they consider it an essential part of effective learning.


    • Offers flexible schedule: If you plan to learn music after your school or office, Studio 72 will best meet your schedule. You can also best spend your weekends with them as they offer classes during that as well.
    • Offers free trial classes: If you are unsure about the specific music area you want to try your luck in, register yourself for their free of cost trial classes. You can spend a couple of days understanding the basics and can pick your selection.
    • Easy booking process: Unlike other schools, Studio 72 ensures modern technology in the booking and registration process. Using their website, you can get yourself registered for courses along with all the necessary details.
    • Arranges group classes: If you love to work in a group, Studio 72 might be the best place to be. They offer group guitar and drums classes for passionate learners.


    • Ukulele lesson
    • Guitar lesson
    • Vocal lesson
    • Drum lesson
    • Keyboard lesson
    • Junior lesson tips
    • Group guitar classes
    • Group drums classes

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