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The 5 Best Hair Salons for Men in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Hair Salons for Men in Singapore Image: Air Salon

Men, you know it is necessary to take more interest in your personal style and grooming. And looking for a sophisticated hair stylist to stick with is what you are doing?

Many people believe that finding a right hair stylist is more important than a hair salon. Does it make sense when this article introduces you the five best hair salons? There is nothing to get hung about, these salon are home to the best hair stylists working in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a trim or a new hairstyle, they are there to fill you up with satisfaction and inspiration.

Each hair salon has its own strengths. In this article, we try to highlight the best of each recommended salon for you to match them to your needs.

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1. Kenaris Hair Salon

  • Kenaris Hair Salon Image: Kenaris Hair Salon


  • One team, various talents: Kenaris Hair Salon features a strong team of experienced hair stylists. Each of them has his own capacity that is unbeaten. Ken, an award-winning hair stylist, is absolutely good at short haircuts while Jimmy is an expert in hairstyling. Want to have a beautifully permed hair, look for Aris. Jenny is there with talent in doing volume rebonding. Vincent has magic hands in handling hair colouring and Gilbert is the one executives look for when they need a refreshing cut.
  • A trustworthy hair salon of working professionals: There is an interesting fact that most of the customers of Kenaris are the working professionals. They don’t have the luxury of time to wait or waste and they expect a smart and professional look, that is why they put their trust in hands of Kenaris’s hair stylists who are able to bring out the best of each individual efficiently.
  • A salon to seek a makeover for special occasions: It could be said that Kenaris Hair Salon is the right place to get yourself transformed for special occasions as this salon is home to one of the most sough after hairstylists in Singapore, Jimmy Jap. With his rich experience in styling hair for top fashion shows and magazine covers, Jimmy has great taste and knows how to make you shine in your special occasions. Absolutely, you can visit Kenaris as regularly as you wish if budget is not your concern as the salon’s prices are higher than usual ones’.

2. Air Salon

  • Air Salon Image: Air Salon


  • Affordable price for haircut by celebrity hair stylist: At Air Salon, men haircut prices start from S$39 for attention of leading stylists. And if you want to have a transformative hair cutting and styling with Ark, creative director and Singapore’s celebrity hairstylist, he serves you at the price of S$55. Worked on many photo shoots for prestige magazines such as Her World, August Men and Men’s Folio, Ark is well versed in the latest trends but the best part of his rich experience is that he knows what styles fit you best. He absolutely treats you like a celebrity; but don’t worry, he won’t give you an unpractical style. This famous yet approachable and humorous guy will make you enjoy your makeover journey and satisfied with the final result that suits your lifestyle.
  • Pleasant services with excellent free head and shoulder massage: There is nothing to complain about Air Salon’s services. All you need to do is letting yourself relax. Air Salon team will do the rest – serving Aveda tea and hot towel upon arrival, following by relaxing head and shoulder massage. Their meticulousness in handling your needs and gentle caring in a heartwarming atmosphere will fill you up with satisfaction.

3. Kizuki + Lim

  • Kizuki + Lim Image: Kizuki + Lim


  • Impressive Japanese-styled haircut by professional Japanese hairstylist team: Dream of a dazzling Japanese-styled haircut? To many people, it is difficult to say no to those enticing hairstyles. They lead your steps to Kizuki + Lim because at this wonderful salon any dazzling Japanese hairstyles can also be reproduced perfectly. Just select some preferred hairstyles in magazines; your picked hairstylist will give you advice based on your chosen hairstyles and your face shape and features. A complete haircut experience at Kizuki + Lim starts with a consultation, goes through first hair washing, hair cutting, second hair washing and head massage then ends with final hair trimming. One good thing about Kizuki + Lim is that this salon is able to provide constantly good haircuts. So be confident that your new hair there would be a great artwork.
  • Top-north services in a great ambience: When people pay more, they expect more. No matter how high people expect, Kizuki + Lim is able to satisfy them. So what are the salon’s secrets? It could be described by these phrases: immaculate space, chic, stylish and minimalist setup, impressive decoration, relaxing hair-washing area and comfortable chairs. But on top of that must be the pleasant services provided by a team of caring and gentle hairstylists who are expert in delivering wonderful head massage.

4. Jean Pierre Hair Salon

  • Jean Pierre Hair Salon Image: Jean Pierre Hair Salon


  • A salon to get trendy Korean haircuts: What make Jean Pierre high priority when the idea “well, I need a haircut now” pops up in people minds? Skillful hairstylists from Korea? Source of the trendiest Korean hairstyles? Great final haircuts? It is probably all. Best known for delivering good haircuts for both men and ladies, Jean Pierre is the salon you can get your right hairstylist to stick with. For haircut, Jean Pierre is definitely the one to look for. Besides him, Joel Park is a praised stylist, recommended by many guys.
  • Are you students? There are student discounts for you: Just inform Jean Pierre’s staff that you are a student to get discount price. Surely, they only reduce the price, not the quality of haircut. Normally, it costs S$25 for a student haircut experience there. But it may be higher if the creative director takes care of your hair. Whether you really care about the price or not, just raise a question with your stylist before engaging service.

5. Haar Attic

  • Haar Attic Image: Haar Attic


  • Unbeatable prices for one of the best men’s haircuts in town: You may easily show a place for men to have a normal and basic haircut at the price of S$10, but do you know anywhere to get one of the best haircut at the most reasonable prices in town? We have taken this question into account and with our constant searching as well as listening to many male customers; we have confidence to recommend a name, Haar Attic. This salon caters for both men and ladies’ hair needs, but the thing that makes a name for Haar Attic must be its relaxing and effective haircut for men. It is S$35 to get attention of a senior stylist and S$45 for creative director. These prices include consultation, wash, cut, blow and style.
  • Creative hair colouring for the young: Guys, what are the colours for your hair that you can think of? Pink? Blue? Purple? Green or Orange? Any colour you think you can pick up for your hair, Haar Attic can do it for you. For some adventurous tries, this hair salon can understand and makes it the best for you.

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