Bakkwa (BBQ Meat)

Bakkwa (BBQ Meat)
Bakkwa (BBQ Meat)
Image: Bee Cheng Hiang
  • Category
    Local delights
  • Brands
    • Bee Cheng Hiang • Fragrance Foodstuff • Kim Joo Guan • Lim Chee Guan
  • Prices
    From S$68 per kg
  • Portability
  • Best gift for
    • Family • Friends • Co-workers
  • Bakwa, also known as “barbecued meat” or “Chinese jerky,” is a popular snack in Singapore. It is typically made from marinated and grilled strips of meat, often pork, that are then dried and sliced into thin pieces.

    Bakwa is known for its sweet and savory flavors, as well as its chewy and tender texture. Bakwa comes in various flavors, including

    • original
    • spicy
    • garlic
    • and black pepper.

    Traditionally, bakwa was consumed during festive occasions like Chinese New Year, but it has now become a year-round snack enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

    People often give and receive it as a gift or use it as an offering during visits to family and friends. It has become a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

    AVAILABLE PRODUCTS: Here are a few examples of bakwa products from the Vacuum Packed series by Bee Cheng Hiang:

    • Sliced Pork 280g: $27.00
    • Sliced Pork 480g: $44.00
    • Sliced Chicken 280g: $27.00
    • Sliced Beef 280g: $33.00
    • Mini EZ Chilli Pork: $27.00 – $90.00
    • Mini EZ Chicken: $25.80 – $86.00
    • Mini EZ Chicken SG Series: $25.00


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