5 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore for Pho and More

  • 5 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore for Pho and More

Are you looking for a healthy dish for your lunch or dinner? Why don’t you try Vietnamese food with less fat and more vegetables.

As an agricultural culture, rice is the main starch used in everyday meals, and is also made into different kinds of cakes and noodles in Vietnam. In addition, most Vietnamese dishes or meals are an unique combination of a variety of fresh herbs, vegetables, meat and spices.

Vietnamese cuisine is popular in many countries nowadays. In Singapore, the food city of Asia, Vietnamese dishes wins the heart of the Singaporeans. Let start eating healthily and enjoy a touch of Saigon streets with our 5 recommended Vietnamese restaurants below.

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1. Long Phung Restaurant


  • Vietnamese-style seafood to pair with beer: Seafood and beer are some of the most popular things could be found in eateries along Saigon’s streets in Vietnam. And when it comes to Singapore food scene, we can find the best Vietnamese-style seafood menu at Long Phung. Cockles, gong gong and clams are prepared in various ways to pair with beer. Eat hot to taste them best, and don’t forget to dip them into the condiment made of salt, pepper, chili and lime to feel heavenly.
  • The best smoothies: Mango, avocado, jackfruit and durian smoothies, they all are excellent. A Long Phung’s smoothie glass is delicious because the fresh fruit makes up a large proportion of the ingredients.
  • Good beef pho: If you prefer tender beef, enjoy pho tai (rare beef noddles). For those who love variety, pho dac biet (combination beef noddles) is an ideal choice. To food connoisseurs, the key to the Vietnamese noodle soup is in the broth. Certainly, you can find that Long Phung’s broth soup is fragrant, flavourful and slightly sweet along with the smooth rice noodles, tender beef, raw egg and bean sprout.

2. Little Vietnam Restaurant and Coffee


  • Extensive menu with some dishes hardly found elsewhere: Little Vietnam Restaurant offers an extensive menu of pho, other noodles dishes, rice dishes, appetizers, side dishes, seafood, snacks, desserts and drinks. Vietnamese favorites of each category are highlighted, including some dishes hardly found elsewhere such as banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), tom xien nuong (grilled prawns), chao long (pork innards rice porridge) and che chuoi (banana sago).
  • Awesome rau cau dua (coconut jelly): This dessert dish is just perfect for the summer or an all year round summer country like Singapore. The light, refreshing taste of coconut water will blow heat away. Little Vietnam Restaurant and Coffee makes this dish greater with shred coconut inside.
  • Relaxing atmosphere for Vietnamese street foods: There are two dining areas, air conditioned indoor section and al fresco area, designed for enjoying street foods. Adorned with red lanterns and photos of Vietnamese roadside business culture, the indoor area is cozy. On the other hand, the outdoor one is ideal for a breezing night if you want to pair street foods with beer and enjoy a lively and relaxed atmosphere the same as in Saigon.

3. Mrs Pho on Beach Road

  • Mrs Pho on Beach Road Image: Mrs Pho


  • Tender and delicious beef pho: This divine Vietnamese restaurant offers some of the best pho bowls in Singapore. Its small and simple menu reserves space to feature 5 different options of pho ($7.90 - $8.90), including 4 styles of beef pho. Feast on the popular Special Beef Combo Noodle Soup for a delicious bowl that will fill you up for hours.
  • Succulent and traditional comfort food: All the Vietnamese all-time favorite dishes at Mrs Pho are cooked and served in the traditional way – beef noodles, hot and spicy beef noodles $7.90, vermicelli with pork and spring roll $7.90, fried chicken wings ($3.50) in fish sauce and fried pork spring rolls ($3.00), just to name a few. Those want to go beyond the borderline of Vietnamese food marked by pho and spring rolls can try stir-fried cockles with garlic ($6.50).

4. NamNam Noodle Bar at Suntec City

  • NamNam Noodle Bar at Suntec City Image: NamNam Noodle Bar


  • Quick meal of Vietnamese foods at high-profile locations: Located at convenient locations in high-profile buildings, NamNam Noodle Bar introduces a new dining concept to not only fans of Vietnamese street foods but also those who want to have a quick meal for either breakfast or lunch. During peak times, diners may need to queue but the food will be served quickly in just a couple of minutes after ordering.
  • Value for money breakfast and lunch sets: Both breakfast set and lunch set are a steal. With S$5.90, you will have a Saigon style breakfast with a banh mi (Vietnamese baguattes) and a drink of choice. Lunch set, including a salad, a pho bowl (beef noodles) and a drink, is offered at S$9.90. They are very affordable prices for the given portions and the locations.
  • Good banh mi (Vietnamese baguattes): Banh mi is a highlight at NamNam. There are six options of banh mi available and the one with cold cuts, caramelized 5-spice pork belly and chicken floss is the most praised one. If you are into spicy food, add more Vietnamese chilli sauce to boost the dish's flavours.

5. The Orange Lantern at Vivo City

  • The Orange Lantern at Vivo City Image: The Orange Lantern


  • Vietnamese restaurant with Halal certified ingredients: Today, it is not difficult to find a Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore. But it is not easy to find one with Halal certification. Being the only Halal Vietnamese restaurant in our lion city so far, The Orange Lantern is an ideal place to have healthy foods with our Muslim friends.
  • Delicious avocado shake: Also known as avocado smoothie or "sinh to bo" in Vietnamese, avocado shake is a must try at The Orange Lantern as it is prepared authentically and deliciously.

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