5 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore for Pho and More

Vietnamese food
Vietnamese food
Image: Vu Pham

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure with the best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore! From hearty bowls of pho to crispy banh mi, Vietnamese cuisine has captured the hearts and taste buds of foodies around the world.

Whether you’re craving comfort food or want to try something new, this article will guide you to the top five Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore where you can indulge in authentic and delicious Vietnamese dishes.

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1. Long Phung Restaurant

  • Loved for
    • Pho
    • Seafood
    • Smoothies
  • Prices
    S$7.90 - S$8.90 per pho bowl
  • Address
    159 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427436
  • Phone
    +65 9105 8519, +65 6440 6959
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sat 12:00 – 23:00
  • Long Phung is the most popular Vietnamese restaurant among many along Joo Chiat Road. It attracts not only Vietnamese and Singaporeans but also American and Australian ex-pats living in Singapore.


    • Vietnamese-style seafood to pair with beer:  Seafood and beer are some of the most popular items found in eateries along Saigon’s streets in Vietnam. In Singapore’s food scene, the best Vietnamese-style seafood menu can be found at Long Phung. Cockles, gong gong, scallops, and clams are prepared in various ways to pair perfectly with beer. It is recommended to eat them hot to enjoy their flavors at their best, and don’t forget to dip them in the condiment made of salt, pepper, chili, and lime for a heavenly taste.
    • Good beef pho:  If you prefer tender beef, you can enjoy the pho tai (rare beef noodles). For those who love variety, the pho dac biet (combination beef noodles) is an ideal choice. For food connoisseurs, the key to Vietnamese noodle soup is in the broth. At Long Phung, the broth soup is fragrant, flavorful, and slightly sweet, perfectly complementing the smooth rice noodles, tender beef, raw egg, and bean sprouts.
    • The best smoothies: Mango, avocado, jackfruit, and durian smoothies – all of them are excellent at Long Phung. Their smoothies are delicious because they use fresh fruit as the main ingredient, which makes up a large proportion of the drink.

    MENU: A decent-sized menu is offered at Long Phung, with around 30 dishes of noodles, soups, and rice making up half of the menu, and the other half featuring typical Vietnamese appetizers and side dishes like spring rolls, papaya salad, and cockles. The drink menu is simple, featuring Vietnamese-style coffee and smoothies.


    • Pho: S$7.90 – S$8.90
    • Noodles: S$7.90 – S$8.90
    • Rice & Soups: S$7.90 – S$12.00
    • Appetizers: S$8.00 – S$12.00
    • Salads: S$8.50 – S$25.00
    • Stir fries: S$8.50 – S$17.00
    • Pancakes: S$8.00 – S$10.00
    • Meat & Seafood: S$7.50 – S$39.00
    • Hot pots: S$25.00 – S$42.00
    • Vietnamese coffee: S$2.00 – S$4.00
    • Vietnamese smoothies: S$3.00 – S$7.00

    LOCATION: Located at 159 Joo Chiat Road, this restaurant is not easily accessible by MRT or bus. It is also hard to find a parking slot, so the best way to get there is to share a cab with a group of friends.

    ATMOSPHERE: Long Phung boasts a simple interior reminiscent of a typical roadside eatery in Saigon, with a cramped setting that often sees the restaurant packed to capacity during peak times. You can expect to queue up for a table during busy hours. The lively atmosphere is further enhanced by the nearby KTV lounges and bars along Joo Chiat Road, adding to the sights and sounds of the area.


    • Pho tai (Rare beef noodles)
    • Pho dac biet (Combination beef noodles)
    • Bun bo Hue (Hue spicy noodles)
    • Hu tieu kho (dry noodles)
    • Cha gio (Vietnamese spring roll)
    • Chim cut (Fried quail)
    • Chan ga quai thu (Fried chicken feet)
    • Goi du du (Papaya salad)
    • Ngheu hap xa (Clams with lemongrass)
    • Xo huyet xao toi (Stir-fried cockles with garlic)
    • Xo huyet xao me (Stir-fried cockles with tamarind)

    NOTE: Cash only

    2. Little Vietnam Restaurant and Coffee

  • Loved for
    • Grilled pork chop vermicelli
    • Coffee
    • Desserts
  • Prices
    S$8.20 per pho bowl
  • Address
    511 Guillemard Road, #01-25/29 Grandlink Square, Singapore 399849
  • Phone
    +65 6547 8587
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:30 - 22:00
  • Little Vietnam Restaurant and Coffee is a popular Vietnamese eatery in Singapore that offers a wide range of authentic Vietnamese dishes, drinks, and desserts.


    • Extensive menu with some dishes hardly found elsewhere: Little Vietnam Restaurant offers an extensive menu of pho, other noodle dishes, rice dishes, appetizers, side dishes, seafood, snacks, desserts, and drinks. The Vietnamese favorites of each category are highlighted, including some dishes that are hardly found elsewhere, such as banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), tom xien nuong (grilled prawns), chao long (pork innards rice porridge), and che chuoi (banana sago).
    • An impressive selection of Vietnamese drinks and desserts: Its menu features over 20 popular Vietnamese drinks and desserts that will take you on a trip down memory lane to the sweet flavors of Saigon. The star of the menu is the rau cau dua (coconut jelly), which is perfect for Singapore’s year-round summer weather. This light and refreshing dessert is made even better by the addition of shredded coconut inside
    • Relaxing atmosphere for Vietnamese street foods:  The restaurant has two dining areas, an air-conditioned indoor section and an al fresco area designed for enjoying street food. The indoor area is cozy, adorned with red lanterns and photos of Vietnamese roadside business culture. Meanwhile, the outdoor area is perfect for a breezy night if you want to pair street food with beer and enjoy a lively and relaxed atmosphere, just like in Saigon.


    • Pho tai bo vien (Sliced beef and beef balls pho)
    • Bun bo Hue (Hue spicy noodles)
    • Com tam (Grilled pork chop with broken rice and egg)
    • Bot chien (Vietnamese-style fried carrot cake)
    • Goi du du (Papaya salad)
    • Banh xeo (Vietnanese pancake)
    • Canh ga chien (Fried chicken wings)
    • Cut chien (Fried quail)
    • Tom nuong xien (Grill prawns)
    • Che chuoi (Banana sago)
    • Cafe sua da (Vietnamese milk coffee)


    • Pho: S$8.20
    • Banh mi: S$6.00
    • Noodles: S$7.00 – S$9.40
    • Appetizers: S$3.80 – S$6.00
    • Seafood: S$9.00 – S$18.50
    • Vietnamese pancakes: S$7.00
    • Stir fries: S$6.80 – S$8.30
    • Salads: S$6.80 – S$7.50
    • Finger food: S$3.50 – S$6.00
    • Soups: S$8.50 – S$10.30
    • Vietnamese coffee: S$1.00 – S$4.00
    • Vietnamese drinks and desserts: S$3.00 – S$4.20
    • Juices & Smoothies: S$4.00 – S$4.50
    • Beers: S$8.00


    • No GST or service charge
    • Cash only

    3. Làng Nướng Việt Nam

    Làng Nướng Việt Nam
    Làng Nướng Việt Nam
    Image: Làng Nướng Việt Nam
  • Loved for
    Vietnamese barbeque
  • Prices
    25 per pax
  • Address
    18 Foch Rd, Singapore 209260
  • Phone
    +65 9235 3548
  • Opening hours
  • Website
  • If you’re in the mood for some Vietnamese food but don’t want to take the usual Pho route, try Làng Nướng Việt Nam. It’s the pioneer of Vietnamese barbeque in Singapore, which is similar to Korean barbeque but also a little different.

    The marination, which uses traditional Vietnamese ingredients like fish sauce, lemongrass, and charcoal for heat, sets Vietnamese barbeque apart. Làng Nướng Việt Nam offers a wide range of barbeque dishes that are sure to be a ride for the taste buds.


    • An extensive menu with classic and newly-created Vietnamese street food: The restaurant’s vast menu has a lot to offer, from Vietnamese classic street food like pho, soup noodles, dry noodles, and BBQ pork chop rice to the new creations that come to Vietnamese food scene recently like grill whole chicken with chili salt, salted whole chicken, sauteed squid teeth with butter, and half done shrimp with That sauce. Rare-to-find dishes like crispy pig intestine is also available.
    • Authentic Saigon-style barbeque packed full of flavor: Làng Nướng Việt Nam can transport you to Saigon with its authentic atmosphere and delicious barbeque. The meat is cooked over clay pots with charcoal, giving it a distinctive smoky flavor that can’t be replicated by fancy table gas grills. You can choose from a variety of meats (beef, pork, chicken), seafood (prawns, squids, octopus, scallops, fish), vegetables, mushrooms, and more to make your own BBQ feast.
    • A late-night dining spot for BBQ, seafood, and beers: Open 24/7, the restaurant is an ideal place to hang out late with friends over BBQ, hotpots, seafood, and beers.


    • Beef set charcoal BBQ
    • BBQ prawns
    • Spring rolls
    • Pho bo
    • Scrispy pig intestine
    • Beef in betel leave
    • Beef stew with baguette
    • Grilled quails

    LOOK & FEEL: As the restaurant is headed by Vietnamese chefs, they’ve kept the atmosphere of the restaurant as close to the barbeque restaurants in Ho Chi Minh. It’s not the most decorative, which makes it all the more laid back. There are tables indoors and outdoors, but the latter may be a better seating area to enjoy a barbeque.

    4. Co Hai Banh Mi & Pho

    Co Hai Banh Mi & Pho
    Co Hai Banh Mi & Pho
    Image: Co Hai Banh Mi & Pho
  • Loved for
    Banh mi
  • Prices
    • S$8 -S$12 per banh mi
    • S$10 -S$12.50 per pho bowl
  • Address
    359 Beach Rd, Singapore 199575
  • Phone
    +65 9650 7999
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 - 22:00
  • Website
  • Co Hai Banh Mi & Pho is famous for its banh mi, the traditional Vietnamese baguette sandwich. Run by Vietnamese owners and chefs, you can be sure you’re getting an authentic taste.

    While the menu offers many different Vietnamese dishes, including pho, their banh mi sandwiches are in a league of their own. The restaurant has two locations that are nearby each other.


    • The baguette (banh mi) is freshly made on the premises: Not only does Co Hai make fresh banh mi for their own restaurant, but they also supply them to other Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. The experience of biting into a warm, crusty on the outside but airy on the inside banh mi is truly amazing.
    • Banh mi comes in 10 options: Roasted Pork & Pate Baguette, Pork Hams & Pate Baguette, Stir-fried Beef & Cheese Baguette, Stir Egg & Cheese Baguette, and Mix Vegetables Baguette (vegan) just to name a few. Also available in their banh mi list is the Beef Stew & Baguette with the beef stew served in a bowl and the baguette on the side to be dipped in the soup while enjoying.
    • Reasonable pricing with generous portions: Whether you order a banh mi, pho, or vermicelli, you’ll get a big portion with a generous amount of meat and filling. The meals are great value for money, given the generous quantity and high quality.

    MENU: As the restaurant’s name suggests, they specialize in banh mi and pho. There are 10 meat options for the banh mi. The signature Co Hai Baguette includes BBQ roasted pork, ham, and pork floss with pickles. The noodle soup menu offers more than 20 choices, which cover a wide variety of noodle styles ranging from North to South Vietnam.

    Besides the banh mi and pho, there are plenty of starters, the Kampong Chicken, and refreshing drinks on the menu.


    • Starters: S$6 – S$14
    • Banh Mi: S$9 – S$12
    • Pho: S$10 – S$12.50
    • Vermicelli: S$10 – S$12.50
    • Kampong Chicken: S$12 – S$32
    • Drinks: S$1.50 – S$7


    • Co Hai Baguette
    • Stir-fried Beef & Cheese Baguette
    • Sliced Beef & Brisket Noodle Soup
    • Dry Vermicelli Seafood & Minced Pork & Quail Eggs
    • Paddy Crap With Thick Rice Noodle Soup
    • Vermicelli With BBQ Pork, Minced Pork & Fried Spring Rolls

    LOOK & FEEL: The restaurant’s colorful look mimics the roadside quick restaurants in Vietnamese cities. With comfortable chairs and booths, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests who simply want to enjoy a baguette or soup. It’s perfect for a casual post-work hangout or leisurely weekend lunch.

    5. Mrs Pho Bussorah Street

    Mrs Pho Bussorah Street
    Mrs Pho Bussorah Street
    Image: Mrs Pho
  • Loved for
    • Pho
    • Skewers
  • Prices
    S$9.90 - S$22.90 per Pho bowl
  • Address
    73 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199486
  • Phone
    +65 9666 5514
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 - 22:00
  • Website
  • Mrs Pho, located at Bussorah Street, brings the taste of mothers and grandmothers to the table with its authentic Pho and other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

    Despite being a fairly new branch, it is quickly becoming popular among those who appreciate authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The dishes are simple and homely, reflecting the essence of Vietnamese food.


    • Six Pho options to choose from: You have the option to choose from Pho ga (chicken pho) and five different choices of Pho bo (beef pho). For a premium touch, opt for wagyu Pho or premium short rib Pho, which includes sliced beef, beef ball, and grilled beef short rib seasoned with Pho spices and cooked sous vide for 36 hours.
    • Skewer heaven with over 20 options: Mrs. Pho at Bussorah Street takes the common Southeast Asian grilled snacks to the next level. They offer a dynamic variety of skewers in varying flavors and protein choices (chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimp) and even some vegetarian options (eggplant and mushroom). 
    • Yummy Vietnamese street food with a touch of elegance: Street food is a big part of Vietnamese culture, and Mrs. Pho pays homage to that, albeit in a more modern, chic setting. But unlike traditional street food, the dishes are served in beautiful plates and bowls, giving it a more restaurant-y feel. 

    MENU: The menu is quite extensive, offering a variety of starters and more than five Classic Pho options. Additionally, there are noodles and rice dishes for those who prefer something other than Pho. The dinner menu features a grilled section with over 20 different skewer choices. Apart from the food, the restaurant also serves authentic Vietnamese drinks and coffee, including homemade iced tea, Vietnamese beer, and Vietnamese drip coffee.


    • Pho: S$9.90 to S$22.90
    • Starters: S$2.90 to S$13.90
    • Noodles: S$10.90 to S$13.90
    • Rice: S$10.90
    • Grilled Skewers: S$1.90 to S$22.90
    • Drinks: S$2.90 to S$3.90
    • Coffee: S$3.90


    • Wagyu Pho
    • Premium Short Rib Pho
    • Mango Salad
    • Mama’s Pork Belly
    • Mrs. Pho Dry Noodle
    • Charcoal Grilled Traditional Spring Chicken with Spicy Lemongrass
    • Charcoal Grilled Mama’s Meatball
    • Saigon Salty Lemonade

    LOOK & FEEL: The restaurant has a casual feel with street-style tables and stools. The interior is modern and minimalistic, with turquoise accents that match the brand’s color scheme. A stone wall on one side adds to the feeling of being outdoors. It has a homely atmosphere that may remind you of the streets of Ho Chi Minh. 

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