Cappadocia Turkish

Cappadocia Turkish
Cappadocia Turkish
Image: Cappadocia Turkish
  • Loved for
    Authentic Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern fare
  • Prices
    S$60++ per pax
  • Address
    69 Bussorah Street
    Singapore 199482
  • Phone
    +65 9677 9072
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:30 - 23:30
  • Website
  • Cappadocia Turkish restaurant is situated in the heart of Singapore, near the beloved Arab Street. It offers a delightful array of authentic Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes in a warm and welcoming environment.

    The restaurant has captured the hearts of Singaporeans for years, earning multiple awards, including the prestigious Traveler's Choice 2022.

    Recently reopened under new management, Cappadocia presents an even more remarkable menu.


    • A comprehensive menu full of traditional Turkish flavors: Cappadocia Turkish takes you on a culinary journey through Turkey, with authentic, traditional dishes, from appetizers (mezze) to the Turkish yogurt drink (Ayran) to finish. As a Turkish restaurant, meat is the star of the show, but there’s ample variety, with chicken, lamb, beef, and even some seafood options like salmon and prawns.
    • Generous servings of authentic Turkish food: One thing is for sure when you dine at Cappadocia Turkish restaurant: you’ll definitely leave feeling satisfied, thanks to their large plates and generous servings. Many of their dishes feature multiple elements, such as the Cappadocia Mixed Kebab, which is incredibly filling. Additionally, some of the main courses are designed for sharing, like the Mix Cappa Mandi.
    • Beautifully designed menu with pictures, making it easy to order: Eating at a restaurant that specializes in a particular foreign cuisine can sometimes be confusing when you’re unfamiliar with the dishes. However, Cappadocia Turkish restaurant addresses this concern with a menu that includes pictures and detailed descriptions of the food. By utilizing traditional names and accompanying images, diners can easily navigate the menu and gain clarity about the ingredients and presentation of each dish.

    MENU & PRICES: The menu at Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant is extensive, featuring several categories of predominantly traditional Turkish dishes as well as Turkish interpretations of other cuisines, including pasta.

    Here’s what you’ll find in their menu (along with the price range):

    • Mezeler (Appetizers): S$13.90 to S$32.90
    • Pideler (Turkish Pizza): S$21.90 to S$28.90
    • Sharing Mains: S$58.90 to S$59.90
    • Kebabs: S$24.90 to S$36.90
    • Traditional Dishes: S$24.90 to S$38.90
    • Toprak (Pasta): S$19.90 to S$24.90
    • Shawarma (Wraps): S$9.90 to S$22.90
    • Ekmek (Flatbread): S$5.50 to S$8.50
    • Desserts: S$14.90 to S$16.90
    • Drinks: S$7.50 to S$16.90


    • Cacik
    • Lahmacun
    • Mix Cappa Kebab
    • Adana Lamb Kebab
    • Beyti Chicken Kebab
    • Musakka
    • Izmir Kofte
    • Butter Ekmek
    • Kunefe

    LOOK & FEEL: Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere, including outdoor dining. The main color theme of the restaurant’s decor is blue, with walls adorned in traditional Arabic tile art. The beautiful floral tile patterns also extend to the table tops, accompanied by colorful lamps. This fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences creates a captivating ambiance. Situated on the bustling Bussorah Street, the restaurant provides a sensory experience with fragrant grilled meats and aromatic kava.

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