7 Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore to Spice up Your Life

Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore
Image: Manam

Singapore has a long history of Indian influence, tracing back to the early 19th century when Tamil traders from South India immigrated to the island. With the influx of Indian immigrants in the latter half of the century, they became more than just a ‘presence,’ but an increasingly important fixture in Singapore’s colorful melting pot of cultures. North (Naan and curries) and South (rice and stews) Indian cuisines pervaded mainstream consciousness, and it’s easy to find both authentic and localized iterations of favorite Indian dishes.

From the fluffiest, most buttery Naan to the most aromatic Tikka Masala, this list features the 7 best Indian restaurants in Singapore [2022 review].

1. Manam @ Clarke Quay

Manam @ Clarke Quay Image: Manam
  • Prices
    S$40 per pax
  • Address
    15 Upper Circular Road, #01-01 Singapore 058413
  • Phone
    +65 9824 9000
  • Opening hours
    Tuesdays to Sundays 1100 – 1500; 1800 – 2200
  • Website
  • Email
  • MANAM at Clarke Quay captivates the hearts and stomachs of foodies from all over the island through their unwavering commitment to delivering an unforgettable South Indian gastronomic adventure. MANAM believes that a good dining experience is not confined to just the satisfaction of the tastebuds or the stomach. It is a physical, emotional, and almost spiritual affair that honors age-old traditions and has the utmost respect for food and love for the family.

    Traditional South Indian cooking has no shortcuts, from its hand-crushed spices to its sun-dried herbs and fresh, organically raised farm animals. Every MANAM dish passes the highest standards of ancestral South Indian cooking, starting from the appetizer to the last spoonful of dessert.


    • Authentic South Indian recipes: South Indian cooking is a labor of love that begins outside the kitchen: Indian chilies gracefully drying under the sun, spices releasing their robust flavors with every pounding of the pestle, and meats with no chemicals or antibiotics. Enjoy classics like Butter Chicken, Meen Moilee, and Malabar Chemeen Curry the way they do it in Southern India.
    • Curated wine selection: A good wine perfectly complements the rich flavors of MANAM’s stews and curries. Their lineup of wines includes French champagne, Italian prosecco, and American zinfandel.
    • Three-course set menu: Priced at an affordable S$21, MANAM’s lunch set includes a few of the restaurant’s most-loved favorites: soup of the day, Chicken Biryani, a choice of one starter or curry, and a soft drink.

    MENU: Order one (or both!) of MANAM’s soups, Nalli Elumbu Rasam (Spicy Mutton Broth) and Kozhi Milagu Saaru (Spicy Chicken Soup), and your first slurp will clue you in for what awaits: flavor, flavor, and lots of flavor. MANAM’s menu offers soups, veggie and non-veggie starters, curries, rice and bread, Thosai, and desserts. Their beverage menu includes coffee and tea, cocktails and mocktails, beer, spirits, and wine.


    • Crispy Okra Fry, S$15
    • Kari Varuval, S$23
    • Malabar Chemeen Curry, S$20
    • Elaneer Payasam, S$9

    LOOK & FEEL: MANAM has swanky, glittery interiors that are a marriage of extravagance and comfort. Their sparkly, minimalist wall décor provides an exciting contrast to the restaurant’s rich, flavorful dishes.

    NOTE: Enjoy MANAM’s well-loved dishes at home by placing your orders online, with options for delivery or pickup.


    • Buses: 147, 166, 197 (5-minute walk from Eu Teng Sen Station)
    • Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay (5-minute walk from NE5 exit)


    2. Royal Taj @ Village Hotel, Sentosa

    Royal Taj @ Village Hotel, Sentosa Image: Royal Taj
  • Prices
    S$60 per pax
  • Address
    2 Gunner Lane, Mess Hall Block 16, 02-06 Sentosa Island, Singapore, 099567
  • Phone
    +65 8498 9024
  • Opening hours
    Daily 1200 – 1500; 1800 – 2200
  • Website
  • Email
  • "Royal Taj" is the perfect name for this opulent restaurant located on the festive Sentosa Island. Having opened only in the first quarter of 2019, Royal Taj's commitment to culinary excellence catapulted it to word-of-mouth stardom, easily becoming a favorite among local and foreign foodies alike. The impeccable execution of their modern Indian menu earned them a spot in Sentosa's Best Restaurants Awards in 2020.

    Royal Taj boasts one of the most extensive menus on the island, featuring regional dishes from India, including Rogan Josh from Kashmir, Lamb Vindaloo from Goa, and Rasmalai from Bengal. They offer exciting vegetarian options to guarantee a satisfying dining experience for diverse dietary preferences. Royal Taj aims to take diners on an Indian culinary adventure with every meal by introducing a vibrant mix of spices combined with traditional cooking techniques.


    • The Street Food Corner: Royal Taj honors India’s street food tradition, a humble but essential part of the country’s vivid culinary culture, through The Street Food Corner. It perfectly captures the diversity of flavors and textures, so complex yet in perfect, delectable balance. The chef’s recommendations from the menu include Palak Patte Ki Chaat and Gol Gappa Shots.
    • Bento box menu: Royal Taj’s bento box menu is the perfect way to sample traditional Indian delights on a budget. Starting at S$15, there are four sets offered: vegetable, chicken, fish, and mutton. Each set includes an appetizer, naan, tikka or kebab (for nonvegetarian boxes), rice, curry/stew, Dal Makhni, and dessert.
    • Delicious vegetarian dishes: Vegetarians will rejoice at Royal Taj because the vegetable dishes are not just menu fillers but are bursting with flavor. The chef recommends the Assorted Veg Kebab Platter100 percent vegetables, 100 percent delicious.

    MENU: Royal Taj offers a delightful, all-encompassing experience of the finest in Indian cuisine: The Street Food Corner, tandoori specialties, vegetable curries, rice, bread, additional sides, and desserts.


    • Palak Patte Ki Chaat, S$15
    • Tandoori King Prawn, S$35
    • Royal Taj Butter Chicken, S$25
    • Pistachio Gulab Jamun, S$12

    LOOK & FEEL: Dining in Royal Taj feels like being invited to a lavish Indian banquet, with beautiful wall paintings and abundant sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

    NOTE: Royal Taj has a strict dress code, accepting only smart casuals, formals, and traditional Indian wear.


    • Buses: 123, RWS8, Amara Sanctuary Shuttle (2-minute walk from Artillery Ave, opposite Village Hotel Station)
    • Nearest MRT Station: Imbiah Station (4-minute walk from East Exit)

    3. Revolver @ Tras Street

    Revolver @ Tras Street Image: Revolver
  • Prices
    S$199+ per pax
  • Address
    56 Tras St, Singapore 078995
  • Phone
    +65 6223 2812
  • Opening hours
    Thursday to Sunday 1200 – 1430; 1800 – 2300 | Wednesday 1800 – 2300
  • Website
  • Email
  • Take the potent flavors of Indian cuisine, pair them with equally bold modern cooking techniques, and you get a dining experience like no other at Revolver on Tras Street. With young chef Saurabh Udinia at the helm, Revolver is one of the hottest restaurants in Singapore. It has become such a massive hit that they actually require a reservation of 60 days in advance.

    What is the buzz all about? It is the brilliant marriage of fresh, seasonal ingredients and unparalleled mastery of the grill to create exciting dishes, such as their fresh paneer with Indian milk fudge, cashews, and green chilies, charred in the tandoori oven, and served with coriander pesto.


    • Fire-centric revolving menu: Fire is Chef Saurabh’s element of choice to execute avant-garde iterations of famous Indian dishes. With a custom-built wood-fire grill, smoker, and tandoori oven, expect Indian flavors elevated to unbelievable heights.
    • 60-day advanced reservation: The hype is real. As stated on their website, Revolver only accepts reservations 60 days in advance. Quite intriguing, you might say, but that is what happens when modern cooking techniques meet thousands of years of Indian spice heritage.
    • Sleek and stylish design: Modern sophistication is the motif at Revolver, ranging from the menu to its industrial-chic interiors, its open kitchen, and the staff’s all-black ensemble.

    MENU: Revolver’s menu revolves around the seasons to ensure only the freshest and highest-quality produce is served. It has a five-course lunch menu and three dinner menus with a thoughtfully delicious all-vegetarian option as well.


    • Fresh paneer, Tomato Espuma
    • Gruyère Kulchette, Pulled Duck
    • Venison, Lotus Radish Crisp
    • Stick Kulfi, Dulce de Leche

    LOOK & FEEL: Revolver has stylish industrial-chic interiorsthe kind where secret deals and mysterious adventures begin in the movies.

    NOTE: Reservations should be made at least 60 days in advance, so plan your visit ahead of time.


    • Buses: 10, 145, 655 (3-minute walk from Tg Pagar Station)
    • Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar (4-minute walk from EW15 exit)


    4. Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar @ Chijmes

    Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar @ Chijmes Image: Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar
  • Prices
  • Address
    30 Victoria St, #01-13 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
  • Phone
    +65 6636 9411
  • Opening hours
    Monday to Friday 1200 – 2300 | Saturday and Sunday 1200 – 2330
  • Website
  • Email
  • Indian cuisine is one of the most complex to learn and master. It requires layers of flavors, textures, and techniques and a careful balance of zest and delicacy. So imagine an Indian restaurant with numerous awards under its beltthe mastery must be simply outstanding. The award-winning Anglo Indian Café & Bar has fully committed to its pursuit of Anglo Indian culinary excellence.

    History would tell us how much the Brits have fallen in love with Indian cuisine. So when it was time to leave the continent, they brought home the most classic recipes, including Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, and Railway Mutton Curry. The Brits infused their flair into these dishes, producing tasty Anglo Indian recipes that this renowned café has perfected over the years.


    • 2019 and 2021 Michelin Bib Gourmand Winner: It’s no secret that the Michelin Guide has become a sort of food bible, a prestigious reference for a locale’s most excellent eateries. Anglo Indian Café & Bar’s claim to Michelin fame is their Chicken Tikka Masala.
    • Traditional favorites from the plains, the frontier, and the coast: India’s topography has a significant influence on its regional cuisine. Anglo Indian Café & Bar brings together the best of each of these regions to produce award-winning dishes like Madras Prawn Curry, Goan Fish Curry, and Saag Gosth.
    • Masala Chach: Anglo Indian’s Masala Chach, or Butter Milk, is a highlight of its own. It’s possibly one of the most unique drinks you’ll ever encounter: chilies, ginger, and coriander leaves mixed with buttermilk and seasoned with salt and pepper. Your Anglo Indian experience won’t be complete without this special drink.

    MENU: Anglo Indian Café & Bar’s menu features some of India’s most prized street food, tandoori items, curries and stews, rice, bread, desserts, and beverages. They also offer a wide array of soft drinks, cocktails, and wines.


    • Chicken Tikka Masala, S$22
    • Bhindi Masala, S$16
    • Indian Railway Mutton Curry, S$24
    • Masala Chach, S$6.50

    LOOK & FEEL: Anglo Indian Café & Bar has a casual, friendly ambiance that perfectly complements its hospitable staff.

    NOTE: Follow their social media accounts to stay updated on their promos, such as their All-Day Happy Hour.


    • Buses: 106, 162, 175 (2-minute walk from Victoria Station)
    • Nearest MRT station: Bras Basah (4-minute walk from CC2 exit)


    5. The Landmark Restaurant @ Village Hotel Bugis

    The Landmark Restaurant @ Village Hotel Bugis Image: The Landmark Restaurant
  • Prices
    S$68 per pax
  • Address
    390 Victoria St, #05-01 Poolside, Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061
  • Phone
    +65 6299 1512
  • Opening hours
    Daily 1200 - 2200
  • Website
  • Email
  • The Landmark takes its claim of being "one of the best Halal buffet restaurants in Singapore" seriously. Every dish they serve on the buffet spread is a testament to their dedication to delivering only excellent food. No fillers, no stuffers—just great quality local and international delicacies, including Indian, Malay, Mediterranean, and Western delights.

    The Landmark's Indian Corner is not as extensive as other Indian restaurants on the island, but it does prove that quality always wins over quantity. As masters of the art of Indian cooking, they offer no less than authentic Biryani Rice, Salmon Fish Head Curry, and an assortment of freshly made naan. Of course, the rest of their international dishes, such as Beef Rendang, Tom Yum, and Greek Salad, deserve just as much praise. So if you have a craving for different cuisines, you can find it all in one place and at a friendly price: The Landmark Restaurant.


    • The Indian Corner: The Landmark offers a variety of international cuisines, but the Indian Corner draws the attention of local and foreign customers alike because of its delicious authenticity. The Indian Corner includes Biryani Rice, Butter Chicken, and an assortment of freshly baked naan.
    • Live Station: There is something primitively satisfying about watching your food being prepared especially for you, and The Landmark Restaurant delivers to the delight of their patrons. Enjoy Chicken Satay, grilled prawns, and pizzas freshly made to perfection.
    • Most diverse Halal buffet restaurant in Singapore: As a melting pot of rich cultures, Singapore is home to plenty of Halal restaurants, but no other place offers a Halal buffet with selections as diverse as The Landmark Restaurant. Here, you’ll find an assortment of salads alongside a Goreng-Goreng Station, Cajun dishes, and regional specialties.

    MENU: The Landmark Restaurant’s menu honors the divergent cultures harmoniously coexisting in the small country of Singapore. The buffet showcases seven stations: Goreng-Goreng Station, Live Station, Local Delights, Western Corner, Seafood Corner, Indian Corner, and Dessert Corner.


    • Biryani Rice
    • Singapore Chili Crab with Fried Mantau
    • Cajun Baked Fish with Pineapple Salsa
    • Gulab Jamun

    LOOK & FEEL: The Landmark Restaurant has extravagant interiors and decor fit for Indian royalty. The high ceiling and lavish chandelier lights give off a vibe that is fresh and grandiose at the same time.

    NOTE: Watch The Landmark Restaurant’s social media accounts for fantastic promotions such as staycations with buffet packages.


    • Buses: 199, 37, 51 (2-min walk from North Bridge Road Station)
    • Nearest MRT station: Bugis (4-min walk from exit EW12|DT14)


    6. Copper Chimney @ Syed Alwi

    Copper Chimney @ Syed Alwi Image: Copper Chimney
  • Prices
    S$35 per pax
  • Halal
  • Address
    100 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207676
  • Phone
    +65 9445 5663
  • Opening hours
    Sunday to Thursday 1115 – 0000; Friday and Saturday 1115 – 0100
  • Website
  • Email
  • Indian and Chinese are two of the dominant foreign cuisines in Singapore. These colorful cuisines take center stage at Copper Chimney on Syed Alwi Road in spectacular ways via authentic Northern Indian recipes and exciting "Chindian" dishes.

    If you're curious, the marriage of Indian and Chinese flavors and techniques gave birth to Chindian cuisine, and at the very core of Copper Chimney's Chinese-Indian fusion recipes are the finest, 100 percent natural spices, such as Szechwan pepper from China. They apply the same philosophy to their Northern Indian menu, offering only genuine culinary experiences.


    • 2019 RAS Epicurean Star Awardee: The RAS Epicurean Star Awards is a highly prestigious award-giving body in the culinary field, with a pool of judges comprising the biggest names in the industry. In 2019, Copper Chimney received the Best Asian Restaurant Casual Dining award for its stellar, well-executed menu that includes winning dishes such as Sizzling Tandoori Platter, Fish Tikka Masala, and Szechwan Chicken.
    • Authentic Northern Indian recipes: Authenticity is the leading criterion for judging the best Indian restaurants in Singapore, which Copper Chimney passes with delicious, flying colors. They stick to the time-honored traditions of Indian cooking to satisfy the cravings and curiosity of both local and foreign gourmands. Expect perfect renditions of Indian classics like Butter Chicken, Fish Koliwada, and Vegetable Jaipuri.
    • Exciting Chindian dishes: To the uninitiated, the fusion of Chinese and Indian flavors may sound confusing, as robust herbs and spices characterize both cuisines. Allow Copper Chimney to convert your confusion to satisfaction with dishes such as Chicken Manchurian, Chili Paneer, and Hakka Noodles.

    MENU: Copper Chimney’s menu showcases starters that take you to the lively streets of India, vegetarian and nonvegetarian Northern Indian and Chindian mains and a curated list of specials.


    • Drums of Heaven, S$10
    • Malai Tikka, S$12
    • Mutton Roganjosh, S$12
    • Chicken Manchurian, S$11.5

    LOOK & FEEL: Copper Chimney is located in the heart of Singapore’s colorful cultural tapestry, Little India. Its white interiors provide a clean contrast against the wooden fixtures and quirky overhead lamps.


    • Buses: 21, 125, 130 (4-minute walk from 07231 station)
    • Nearest MRT station: Farrer Park (4-minute walk from exit NE8)

    7. NALAN @ City Hall

    NALAN @ City Hall Image: NALAN
  • Prices
    S$37 per pax
  • Address
    13 Stamford Rd, #B2-54 Capitol Singapore, Singapore 178905
  • Phone
    +65 9732 4289
  • Opening hours
    Daily 1000 – 2200
  • Website
  • Email
  • NALAN celebrates a rich Indian heritage, starting from its name, which honors the legendary king and chef Nala of the Nishadha Kingdom of Indian mythology, to its traditional North and South Indian recipes. It is an all-vegetarian restaurant that pays the highest respects to nature's bounty, keeping the integrity of each fresh ingredient while satisfying all five senses.

    NALAN is a testament that vegetables don't ever have to be boring, as long as they are treated with love, care, and the expert techniques needed to release the utmost flavor. They have the most extensive Indian vegetarian menu in Singapore, with dishes that will excite the palate of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners alike.


    • 100 percent vegetarian recipes for everyone: Lack of options is often the biggest dilemma of vegetarians when dining out. NALAN addresses that problem by offering a remarkably extensive Indian vegetarian menu that includes special Thosai, bread with accompaniments, Chaat, South Indian delights, Paneer, starters, Dal, Aloo, and desserts.
    • Homemade milk menu: Milk is an essential part of Indian cuisine, as it perfectly complements the pungent spices of their dishes. At NALAN, they offer Lassi, Rose Milk, Butter Milk, and Badam.
    • Loyalty program: NALAN’s loyalty program rewards customers with points each time they order or dine in. Aside from improved health, it is the perfect reward for diners who choose to eat and live healthily through satisfying vegetarian dishes.

    MENU: NALAN’s menu offers delightful vegetarian dishes at affordable prices, starting from its soup, starter, and Thosai options to its bread, Rava, main course, lunch specials, set meals, desserts, and beverages.


    • Malai Kofta, S$16
    • Dal Pancharatan, S$14
    • Stuffed Kulcha, S$8
    • Crispy Lotus Stem Sticks with Garlic Dip, S$16

    LOOK & FEEL: Like its sister restaurant MANAM, NALAN has sleek, modern interiors that showcase well-crafted wooden furniture and fixtures. It has connectable tables that are perfect for family and corporate get-togethers.

    NOTE: NALAN offers island-wide delivery, which you can book on their website, and if you’re lucky, you just might come across a special voucher for discounts.


    • Buses: 124, 131, 166 (3-minute walk from North Bridge Road Station)
    • Nearest MRT station: City Hall (2-minute walk from exit EW13|NS25)

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