5 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Singapore: 2024 Guide

Shabestan Singapore
Shabestan Singapore
Image: Shabestan

Middle Eastern restaurants are a definite favourite among carnivores. So, meat enthusiasts, make sure not to miss out on the unique flavours they have to offer.

When it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine, which is comprised of various countries, including Levantine, Persian, and Turkish food, charcoal-grilled meat takes centre stage as the soul of a Middle Eastern meal.

When visiting the restaurants listed here, prepare for ample food portions intended for sharing, delightful shisha offerings, and captivating belly dance performances.

1. Cappadocia Turkish

Cappadocia Turkish
Cappadocia Turkish
Image: Cappadocia Turkish
  • Loved for
    Authentic Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern fare
  • Prices
    S$60++ per pax
  • Address
    69 Bussorah Street
    Singapore 199482
  • Phone
    +65 9677 9072
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:30 - 23:30
  • Website
  • Cappadocia Turkish restaurant is situated in the heart of Singapore, near the beloved Arab Street. It offers a delightful array of authentic Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes in a warm and welcoming environment.

    The restaurant has captured the hearts of Singaporeans for years, earning multiple awards, including the prestigious Traveler's Choice 2022.

    Recently reopened under new management, Cappadocia presents an even more remarkable menu.


    • A comprehensive menu full of traditional Turkish flavors: Cappadocia Turkish takes you on a culinary journey through Turkey, with authentic, traditional dishes, from appetizers (mezze) to the Turkish yogurt drink (Ayran) to finish. As a Turkish restaurant, meat is the star of the show, but there’s ample variety, with chicken, lamb, beef, and even some seafood options like salmon and prawns.
    • Generous servings of authentic Turkish food: One thing is for sure when you dine at Cappadocia Turkish restaurant: you’ll definitely leave feeling satisfied, thanks to their large plates and generous servings. Many of their dishes feature multiple elements, such as the Cappadocia Mixed Kebab, which is incredibly filling. Additionally, some of the main courses are designed for sharing, like the Mix Cappa Mandi.
    • Beautifully designed menu with pictures, making it easy to order: Eating at a restaurant that specializes in a particular foreign cuisine can sometimes be confusing when you’re unfamiliar with the dishes. However, Cappadocia Turkish restaurant addresses this concern with a menu that includes pictures and detailed descriptions of the food. By utilizing traditional names and accompanying images, diners can easily navigate the menu and gain clarity about the ingredients and presentation of each dish.

    MENU & PRICES: The menu at Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant is extensive, featuring several categories of predominantly traditional Turkish dishes as well as Turkish interpretations of other cuisines, including pasta.

    Here’s what you’ll find in their menu (along with the price range):

    • Mezeler (Appetizers): S$13.90 to S$32.90
    • Pideler (Turkish Pizza): S$21.90 to S$28.90
    • Sharing Mains: S$58.90 to S$59.90
    • Kebabs: S$24.90 to S$36.90
    • Traditional Dishes: S$24.90 to S$38.90
    • Toprak (Pasta): S$19.90 to S$24.90
    • Shawarma (Wraps): S$9.90 to S$22.90
    • Ekmek (Flatbread): S$5.50 to S$8.50
    • Desserts: S$14.90 to S$16.90
    • Drinks: S$7.50 to S$16.90


    • Cacik
    • Lahmacun
    • Mix Cappa Kebab
    • Adana Lamb Kebab
    • Beyti Chicken Kebab
    • Musakka
    • Izmir Kofte
    • Butter Ekmek
    • Kunefe

    LOOK & FEEL: Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere, including outdoor dining. The main color theme of the restaurant’s decor is blue, with walls adorned in traditional Arabic tile art. The beautiful floral tile patterns also extend to the table tops, accompanied by colorful lamps. This fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences creates a captivating ambiance. Situated on the bustling Bussorah Street, the restaurant provides a sensory experience with fragrant grilled meats and aromatic kava.

    2. Beirut Grill

    Beirut Grill Restaurant Singapore
    Beirut Grill Restaurant Singapore
    Image: Beirut Grill
  • Loved for
    Classic Lebanese dishes
  • Prices
    S$40++ per pax
  • Address
    72 Bussorah St
    Singapore 199485
  • Phone
    +65 63417728
  • Opening hours
    Daily lunch 11:30 - 15:30
    Daily dinner 17:30 - 23:00
  • Website
  • Established in 2009, Beirut Grill proudly serves a delectable array of Lebanese dishes at highly affordable prices. This Middle Eastern restaurant is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for those seeking a finger-licking meal.


    • An exhaustive menu oozing with culture: A true delight to the senses, Beirut Grill’s menu caters to all customers, from picky eaters to vegetarians and children. Offering both small plates and generous portion sizes perfect for sharing, Beirut Grill is an ideal destination for a comforting meal or a satisfying snack if you’re feeling peckish.
    • Imported authentic Lebanese spices for zero loss of flavor: Selectively importing the freshest spices from the heart of Lebanon, Beirut Grill ensures that you get the most close-to-home flavors, for you to truly experience an ethnic meal.
    • Cater for all events and special occasions: Experienced in the catering industry, Beirut Grill is exceptional at delivering and serving their delicious dishes to parties of any size. For an extra-authentic experience, book a spot in their hidden gem – the Arabian-themed lounge on the second floor.
    • Live drumming and belly-dancing on weekends: Get ready for a hip-shaking bass-blasting night, with a stunning performance of hypnotizing belly dancing to the sounds of traditional drumming rhythms. Fine food accompanied by live entertainment at an affordable price is what Beirut Grill strives to offer.

    MENU: Beirut Grill’s menu is bursting with fragrant dishes, with shareable options and personal sizes in case you are feeling selfish. From soup and starters to pastries and mezza options, make your pick from the extensive list of tantalizing appetizers. Once you’re ready for the main event, enjoy a wide selection of kebab meats and vegetarian options, and finish off on a sweet note with the scrumptiously traditional dessert menu.


    • Beirut Mezza Platter
    • Mixed Grill
    • Beef Meshwi
    • Hummus
    • Chicken shawarma
    • Mouhalabiah

    ATMOSPHERE: Ideal for a casual dining experience, Beirut Grill sets the scene with a cozy ambiance, offering majestic Arabic decor and traditional lounge areas to transport you to the heart of Beirut.

    3. Shabestan

    Image: Shabestan
  • Loved for
    Authentic Persian cuisine
  • Prices
    S$60++ per pax
  • Halal
  • Address
    80 Mohamed Sultan Road
    Robertson Quay #01-13
    Singapore 239013
  • Phone
    +65 6836 1270
  • Opening hours
    Daily 12:00 - 22:00
  • Website
  • Shabestan delights your taste buds with an authentic taste of Persian cuisine – grilled, appetizing dishes of meat, chicken, and seafood, all prepared with delicate Iranian spices and fresh herbs.

    This halal restaurant, tucked in the heart of Robertson Quay, attracts both locals and visitors who want to sink their teeth into some of the best Middle Eastern food by the lovely riverside.


    • An extensive menu of authentic Persian cuisine: Shabestan’s menu presents the best of Persian cuisine. Whether you try their traditional charcoal-grilled Lamb Kubeideh (ground lamb kebab) or classic Persian rice dishes cooked with saffron, nuts and berries, every dish unveils the goodness of scrumptious Persian food right in the heart of Singapore.
    • Wholesome, flavoursome Shabestan Platter: If you want to know the best-seller item at this restaurant, then Shabestan Platter is the answer. The succulent charcoal-grilled lamb, chicken, beef and jumbo prawns beautifully presented on the plate will satisfy the craving of any meat eater. The food is Halal while food portions are generous.
    • Persian saffron ice cream: This dessert (S$8) is a must try to complete your culinary experience at Shabestan. The combination of pistachio, cream and saffron in a special recipe will give you one of the best scoops of ice cream in your life.
    • A memorable culinary experience by the riverside: Go for an alfresco dining to get an exciting dining experience. It is a perfect setting for a romantic date or to spend a leisurely evening with family and friends while relishing authentic Persian kebabs and some great wine.
    • An exclusive private dining room for business meetings with a capacity to accommodate up to 26 persons. The luxurious room is fully equipped with free and unlimited Wi-Fi access and conference facilities to hold presentations and business meet-ups.

    MENU: The menu at Shabestan unfolds the full glory of traditional Persian cuisine with soups, starters, grilled kebab delicacies, fragrant rice specialties, and Persian stews. You can end your exotic meal with a rich selection of traditional desserts. The place also offers a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to go with your Iranian treats.


    • Kufte Parsi
    • Kashk Bademjan
    • Borani Esfanaj
    • Shah Pasand Chicken
    • Tiger Prawn Kebab
    • Chen Jeh Kebab
    • Lamb Kubideh
    • Baghlava
    • Faludeh Shirazi

    ATMOSPHERE: The location by the riverside lends this place a lively, vivacious air. You can either enjoy the delicious Persian spread in elegant, stylish décor while seating indoors or dine outdoors on mosaic-topped tables by the bustling riverside. The staff is extremely helpful with recommendations and service is efficient.


    • Reservation is recommended.
    • Belly dance performances are available at weekends.

    4. Byblos Grill

    Byblos Grill
    Byblos Grill
    Image: Byblos Grill
  • Loved for
    Authentic Lebanese and Turkish fare
  • Prices
    S$65++ per pax
  • Address
    14 Bussorah Street
    Singapore 199435
  • Phone
    +65 6296 8577
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 - 01:00
  • Website
  • Byblos Grill pays homage to the captivating coastal city of Lebanon, serving as one of Singapore's renowned establishments for delectable Middle Eastern cuisine.

    Founded by Chef Mohamad Slim, this eatery expertly revives cherished traditional dishes, such as succulent kebabs, drawing from his vast culinary expertise.

    If you're in search of flavorsome and satisfying Lebanese and Turkish fare in Singapore, look no further than Byblos Grill, conveniently located on Bussorah Street.


    • A true taste of Turkish and Middle Eastern culinary traditions: With the Chef hailing from Turkey, the authentic flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine are expertly brought to life. Utilizing the same spices and ingredients, dishes like Moussaka and Tawook Sote transport you to a Turkish home, providing a dining experience that truly embodies the essence of the Middle East
    • Fresh ingredients imported directly from the Mediterranean: The restaurant ensures the authenticity of flavors by strictly adhering to original recipes and sourcing ingredients from the region. Many of their ingredients are imported from Turkey and other countries along the Mediterranean coast. With each bite, you can be confident that you are savoring food that truly captures the essence of the region.
    • Great value for money with generous servings: Whether you opt for the Mezze or Kebab platter to share, you can expect generous portions. This reflects the Middle Eastern and Turkish cultures, where ensuring the satisfaction of guests with ample food is highly valued.

    MENU & PRICES: Byblos Grill presents a menu that encompasses various categories of delectable dishes, with some specifically designed for sharing among diners.

    Here’s the breakdown of its menu and prices:

    • Mezze/Starters: S$14.90 to S$36.90
    • Salads: S$14.90 to S$16.90
    • Flat Bread/Pide: S$25.90 to S$27.90
    • Sharing Mains: S$56.90 to S$58.90
    • Kebabs: S$26.90 to S$38.90
    • Traditional Dishes: S$28.50 to S$32.90
    • Seafood: S$21.90 to S$58.90
    • Pasta and Pizza: S$23.90 to S$24.90
    • Shawarma (Wraps): S$18.90 to S$24.90
    • Bread: S$5.90 to S$8.50
    • Desserts: S$10.90 to S$14.90
    • Drinks: S$6.50 to S$16.90


    • Byblos Mixed Grill
    • Lamb Kofta
    • Byblos Beef Steak
    • Meze Platter
    • Tabbouleh
    • Chicken Liver
    • Sujuk Pide
    • Mix Byblos Kebab
    • Lamb Mandi
    • Faisal Fukhora
    • Mousakka
    • Baklava

    LOOK & FEEL: Byblos Grill offers both outdoor and indoor seating areas, tastefully decorated to evoke the Middle Eastern theme of the restaurant. The atmosphere is laidback and family-friendly, complemented by soothing blue accents that contribute to a serene dining experience.

    5. Artichoke

    Artichoke Restaurant Singapore
    Artichoke Restaurant Singapore
    Image: Artichoke
  • Loved for
    Creative Middle-Eastern food
  • Prices
    S$60++ per pax
  • Address
    161 Middle Road
    Singapore 188978
  • Phone
    +65 6336 6949
  • Opening hours
    Daily dinner 17:30 - 22:30
    Sat & Sun lunch 11:30 - 15:30
  • Website
  • With scrumptious dishes by the talented Bjorn Shen, Artichoke boasts a strong personality like no other. It has been steadily climbing the list of Middle-Eastern cuisine since opening its doors in 2010. Artichoke is a fun, feisty, and flavorful kitchen that is definitely worth visiting.


    • Funky Middle-Eastern-inspired menu: Cleverly mixing flavors from the East and West, Bjorn has excelled in creating the ultimate menu that will surprise your taste buds. The menu at Artichoke features finger-licking wings, succulent pieces of lamb that fall off the bone, and Lebanese favorites like Baba Ganoush. If you’re tired of the usual Middle-Eastern standard cuisine, Artichoke’s menu will spice things up with all the right twists, leaving you hungry for more.
    • Artichoke cookbook available to recreate your favorites: Drooling over the Hot Skillet Prawns? Get your hands on Artichoke’s own cookbook to make all of their top dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Featuring 267 pages of recipes, this book is the ultimate treat for your foodie friends.

    MENU: From wings and drinks to family mezzes and pizzas, this place caters to everyone’s taste. Finish off with gorgeous mezzes to hit the spot, after nibbling on bites or indulging with their cheese supreme pizza.


    • Lambgasm
    • Lebanese Fried Chicken
    • Baba Ganoush
    • Hot Skillet Prawns
    • Babaganoush
    • Iraqi Spiced Mushrooms
    • Turkish Bread
    • Iberico Pork

    ATMOSPHERE: Delicate yet vibrant colors paint the walls of Artichoke’s eclectic venue, adorned with beautifully patterned high chairs and sleek white tables that cover the floors. Bursting with artsy vibes and creativity, Artichoke defies the expectations of a typical Middle Eastern restaurant. However, the food will still take you on a cultural ride, regardless of the unconventional setting.

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