Dorothy’s Bar

Dorothy’s Bar
Dorothy’s Bar
Image: Dorothy’s Bar

Follow the yellow-brick road to this recently opened Wizard of Oz-inspired gay-friendly venue. Sip on some tasty affordable drinks, while you tower over Chinatown from the balcony area. Dorothy’s take pride in their friendly (and hot) staff, massive list of promotions and vivacious yet laid-back ambience.


  • Weekly drink promos for the most wallet-friendly deals: This venue is famous for their wonderful happy hours (6-8 pm), promos and drink offers! Enjoy a new deal every single day of the week! Grab up a house beer for $10 all night on Mondays, wine for $10 on Tuesdays, and a 1-for-1 martinis on Wednesdays. What about the rest of the week? Get the buzz you need to get your night started, with some potent shots for $ 15 all night long. Want two more on a Friday? $15 triple shots are offered! On Saturdays, get the most out of your dollar with happy hour, from 6-8 pm and 12-2 am.
  • Absinthe towers to fire up the night: Feeling extra adventurous? Dorothy’s is the only bar in Singapore that is brave enough to offer Absinthe towers and shots. If you’re feeling brave (and not driving home) have a couple and wait for the buzz to hit you hard!


  • Sunday to Friday: 18:00 to 01:00
  • Saturday: 18:00 – 02:00

ADDRESS: 13A Trengganu Street, Singapore 058467

PHONE: (65) 6221 6806

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