Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio

Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio
Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio
Image: Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio
  • Address
    20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk #01-10
    Singapore 058416
  • Phone
    +65 9760 4147
  • Opening hours
    Via appointments only, no fixed hours. It accepts appointments from 14:00 to 22:00 daily.
  • Familiar Strangers is one of the best tattoo studios in Singapore providing outstanding tattoo services to local residents and foreigners from different countries in the world. Great tattoo creations, professional service and reasonable prices are what make Familiar Strangers loved by customers. The studio has been featured on Channel News Asia, the biggest English news network in Asia.


    • Creating best tattoo designs: Familiar Strangers is renowned for creating the most beautiful and high quality tattoos with its talented and skilful tattooists: Glenn, Chris and Tommy.
    • Providing excellent tattoo service: Familiar Strangers service is very professional. The studio follows a strict standard of hygiene as all the equipment and tools are perfectly sterilized. Brand new tattoo needles and ink caps are newly – used before every use for every customer. Also, all the tattooists here are enthusiastic and friendly; especially, Mr. Whopper Tan, the owner of the studio who has a great sense of humor, always makes customers laughing and relaxing while they are being tattooed.
    • Free redoing tattoo if customer is not satisfied: You can have your tattoo redo free of charge (within 60 days) if you are not happy with any tattoo done at Familiar Strangers.

    TATTOO SERVICES: Familiar Strangers offers service for all kinds of tattoo styles, including Japanese & oriental tattoos, font word tattoos, black & grey tattoos, old skool flash tattoos, American traditional tattoos, Samoan & Maori Tribal tattoos, Japanese Irezumi body suit tattoos and customized tattoos.


    • Minimum custom sketch charge is S$50
    • Minimum tattoo charge is S$100
    • A4 size tattoo costs S$600 onwards


    • You have to make an appointment before coming to the tattoo studio as its service is very busy.
    • Familiar Strangers only serves customers whose ages are 18 and above.
    • Prices depend on the tattoo sizes and the difficulty of the designs.


    • Bus lines: 2, 12, 33, 54, 147 and 190 (Walking 1 min from bus stop B04239)
    • Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay MRT (NE5) (Walking 1 min from Exit F)
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