School of Confidence

School of Confidence
School of Confidence
Image: School of Confidence
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    All ages
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  • Location
    Tao Payoh Lorong
  • Address
    190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #03-510, S310190
  • Phone
    +65 8481 8115
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  • The School of Confidence is all about allowing young kids to harness the power of public speaking. Founded by public speakers, the school offers courses and online resources for young and older kids. It also works with schools in Singapore with several programs.


    • Social-emotional learning for skill development: The public speaking classes at the School of Confidence have a social-emotional learning component that helps students increase their self and social awareness. The social and emotional components are deeply embedded in the course material and teaching techniques. 
    • Comprehensive curriculum with different modules: The main Public Speaking program features a diverse curriculum, covering various aspects of communication, presentation, and public speaking. The 12-month program takes a staged approach.
    • MOE and Trinity-Aligned curriculum: The curriculum is aligned with the MOE, Cassel, and Trinity College London, so it’s rigorous and can be suitable for enhancing students’ non-academic profile.


    • Linguistics and Emotional Agility Program (LEAP) (12-month)
    • Holiday Camp (2-day)

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