How to choose the best adult Chinese class in Singapore?

Adult Chinese Class Singapore
Adult Chinese Class Singapore

Learning a new language can be challenging for us because we don’t even know where to start. We might start by searching for a good and suitable Chinese language school. But, what if we end up signing up for the wrong language school and realize that there are a lot of better Chinese language schools out there? So here is how to choose the best adult Chinese class in Singapore.

1. Trainer’s qualifications

The first thing to look up is the trainer’s qualifications. Why? Because how you learn basic Chinese will determine your whole Chinese skill progress.

It would be best if the trainer is a native Chinese speaker who has more than 5 years of experience in the education industry. It is also important to check if the trainer has CTCSOL (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages).

2. Price

Course price is one of the main factors for a student’s final decision, right? Make sure you have confirmed these things when you’re estimating how much to invest in the course:

  1. How long is the course duration for the stated price?
  2. Does it already include textbooks and other learning materials?
  3. Does it already include the processing fee or administration fee?
  4. Is GST chargeable on the course fee?
  5. Is there any additional charge for the make-up class?
  6. Is there any additional charge for the letter of completion/ certificate?

3. Class details

Before you sign up for the course, you have to check the class size details. Is it a large group class, small group class or private class? How many students are in a group class, how long is the class duration and other details? The group class will be effective for you if you want to learn Chinese progressively while having a limited budget. If you want a faster track and more flexible timing, then a private class is a better choice for you.

Another thing that students often miss out on is asking about the make-up class. You should ask if there are make-up arrangements for busy working professionals, any limit and if there is any additional charge for the make-up class.

4. Learning Priority

Knowing your priority before you start the course will really help you to effectively achieve your goals. If you want to start communicating in Chinese within the short term, you need to confirm whether the course curriculum will focus more on conversational Chinese or written Chinese. This way you’ll achieve your goal faster.

5. Student Review

Past students’ reviews can be one of the parameters of a good language school. The easiest way to check it is simply to go to their Google Review. Besides, you can also look up reviews on their website, and social media, or even search their name on some discussion forums.

6. Location & Class Mode

For working professional adults, the most ideal language school location is around their office (in the CBD area) or at least it is accessible by MRT and bus. You can ask if they have any branch offices around your workplace. Another option is, if you are too busy with your schedule and don’t want to spend a lot of time outside, you can ask if they have an online lesson option for their class mode.

7. After-Class Support

As Chinese learners, sometimes we might have some questions after the class session. So, it is important to confirm if they have after-class support, such as access to online resources, community, speaking club, etc.

8. Learning materials & sources

Nowadays, language schools don’t only have one textbook for learning materials. A good language school will also provide additional related quality learning materials from various sources such as handouts, audios/ videos and other e-learning materials.

You can confirm with them if there is any additional charge for these learning materials, and also if there is any expiration date for e-learning materials access.

9. Trial Class

The best way to know the quality of the class is to experience it by yourself! So, make sure you have joined the trial class before signing up for the full course. Some language schools provide a free trial class, while others only have a paid trial class. Of course, you’ll prefer a free trial class, right? Check the trial class details on the website or contact their admin for detailed info before signing up for the trial class.

10. Events

There aren’t a lot of Chinese language schools in Singapore that have routine events held for Chinese learners. But, isn’t it more interesting to learn Chinese language and culture through events with the other students? Because understanding culture and history are parts of learning a language. So, you can also ask if they have any events for students, it’s such a plus point if they have one!

Here are some Chinese Language School lists for Beginner Public Group Classes to help you choose the best adult Chinese class in Singapore.

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