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  • Created in 2002 by Sanju and Anne Goswami, a blessed couple that knew each other via a dating website, is a happy ending of a success story about online dating. It is now one of the leading online dating sites in Singapore, which offers matchmaking service to more than 14,000 members including Singaporeans and expats.


    • Providing many useful functions for online dating: Although has a messy old design, it offers members good dating resources and tips as well as practical functions. You can search for matches based on ages, locations and keywords, create gathering events, bookmark and forward profiles, view member statistics as well as receive weekly newsletters about new members and upcoming community events.
    • A dating website serving people of all ages and backgrounds: welcomes all people who are looking for friendship, romance and love to join its network. Member registration is a quick and easy process because you do not need to provide too much personal information.

    HOW ARE DATES PLANNED? offers you search functions to find your potential partners, but you must subscribe as a Deluxe member in order to get their contact for dating arrangement.

    Once you become a deluxe member, you will be able to use more functions on Singapore Cupid website like contacting other members, listing your email address, and highlighting your profiles in search results.

    Deluxe membership fees

    • One-month membership: S$16.95
    • Two-month membership: S$25.95
    • Three-month membership: S$33.95

    As a registered member (free or deluxe), you can create as many profiles as you want.

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