Teck Cheong Hardware

Teck Cheong Hardware
Teck Cheong Hardware
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    Heavy machinery and export
  • Address
    Blk 5022 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-29 Singapore 569525
  • Phone
    +65 6483 4796
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm
    Sat: 8am - 12:30pm
    Sun: Closed
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  • Teck Cheong Hardware is also one of the top five hardware stores in Singapore. Selling heavy machines for construction projects is what makes this famous hardware supplier stand out among many others. The company caters to clientele abroad since they ship purchased goods throughout Asia. If you plan to start a career in construction, consider buying from these guys.

    What people like

    • The company is in business for several decades: Teck Cheong Hardware supplies Singapore with DIY tools and appliances for almost five decades so far. During that time, this business perfected its relationship with customers and learned to recognize the market’s needs. That is why you can rest assured that this company’s accessories will serve you well.
    • Employees conduct product demonstration on request: Before you buy a hardware tool, schedule a demonstration to check if it is right for you. Teck Cheong Hardware’s masters will arrive at your address, stage a presentation, and provide tips and instructions on using and maintaining the tool.
    • You can arrange a product export to a foreign country: You don’t have to be in Singapore to benefit from the delivery service this reputable hardware supplier provides. If you need professional accessories that aren’t available where you reside, you can count on the Teck Cheong Hardware’s items export. To import goods, you can be anywhere from Southeast Asia to the Middle East.
    • Workshops and classes help you master what you do: It doesn’t matter whether you are a DIY professional or a hobbyist. The hardware supplier stages classes and workshops to allow you to enjoy your work or passion in full.

    As a Teck Cheong Hardware’s customer, you benefit from the following services:

    • Hardware supplies
    • Product sourcing
    • Export services
    • Warranty and repair
    • Demonstration
    • DIY workshops and classes

    As for the company’s products, those fall into the following categories:

    • Power tools and accessories
    • Measuring tools
    • Painting and chemicals
    • Security and office
    • Sanitary and plumbing
    • Safety products and
    • Equipment

    For a detailed pricing overview, please check Teck Cheong Hardware’s website.

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