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Ten Dollar Club KTV @ Chinatown

  • Ten Dollar Club KTV @ Chinatown Image: Ten Dollar Club
  • Address
    35A Smith Street, 3rd Floor
    Singapore 058945
  • Phone
    +65 6225 1547
  • Opening hours
    Daily 14:00 to 02:00

If you are a genuine karaoke lover, Ten Dollar Club is the best choice for you. With cheap prices and a casual environment, Ten Dollar Club has attracted a huge number of karaoke lovers in Singapore.


  • Offering good karaoke experience at affordable prices: With a group of 3 or more, we can enjoy singing karaoke at Ten Dollar Club for up to 5 hours in the afternoons or 3 hours in the evenings at only S$10 per person. This price includes a free flow of hot and soft drinks.
  • Outside foods are allowed: We are allowed to bring our own foods in karaoke rooms but not the outside drinks.
  • There are snooker pool tables for all guests to play: American pool tables are available at the main halls of all outlets, S$2 per game.

SONGS: Ten Dollar Club offers a wide range of popular songs including Kpop, Jpop, Mandopop, and Cantopop songs.

KARAOKE SYSTEM: The KTV uses a fully computerized karaoke system. Its sound system is not as great as its counterparts, indeed, but it is acceptable.

AMBIENCE: Although Ten Dollar Club decor is outdated, its warm-themed decorating provides customers a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

SERVICE: Ten Dollar Club service is inconsistent.

DRESS CODE: Ten Dollar Club applies the below dress code in the main halls of its branches:

  • No shorts
  • No bermudas
  • No singlets
  • No sleeveless T-Shirt
  • No slippers
  • No sandals


  • Ten Dollar Club karaoke rooms are not well soundproofed.
  • The KTV is usually fully booked so reservations are highly recommended.


Address: 31 Ah Hood Road, #01-05 Home team NS – JOM Club Balestier, S329979
Phone: (65) 6252 2308/6252 5508
Opening hours: Daily 14:00 to 02:00

@Downtown East
Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Aranda Country Club (3rd Floor), S519497
Phone: (65) 6582 0002/6582 4222
Opening hours: Daily 14:00 to 02:00

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