5 Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore for That Sashimi Fix

Best Japanese Buffet
Best Japanese Buffet
Image: Irodori Restaurant

There are two situations that bring people to a buffet restaurant. Some come to sample a wide variety of foods without limit while some would like to get an endless flow of their favorites. It is the journey of flavor exploring or fulfilling a big craving.

If you love sashimi or wish to taste hundreds of delicious items in one visit, why don’t head to a Japanese buffet restaurant? With tasty and healthy dishes presented beautifully, Japanese cuisine satisfies both the body and soul.

There are a number of Japanese buffet restaurants in town that make up a colorful picture of culinary air and choice. The below-mentioned restaurants are highly recommended as each of them meets various needs of Japanese food lovers. And now, it’s time to consider and choose your own favorite!

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1. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant Image: Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
  • Loved for
    Top-quality sashimi
  • Prices
    S$38 - S$50
  • Address
    #01-01, Hotel Miramar, 401 Havelock Road
  • Phone
    +65 6887 3788
  • Opening hours
    Daily lunch: 11:30 - 14:00
    Daily dinner: 18:00 - 23:00
  • Highlights

    • Great sashimi: Ikoi is famous for its sashimi, a not-to-be-missed dish, and has been viewed as one of the restaurants serving the best sashimi in town by local foodies. At Ikoi, the tasty sashimi cuts are thick and very fresh.
    • The presence of Japanese dining favorites: Many of the Japanese dining favorites are available on the menu, ranging from sashimi to cooked foods, from sushi to ramen. Everything presented in the buffet menu could be nicely served on your table without any limits. Complimentary dishes are offered once in a while.
    • A choice of celebrities: Ikoi is a favorite haunt for celebrities to hang out. And their photos pasted on the restaurant’s walls tell the stories of how joyful they were at Ikoi.

    AMBIENCE: Ikoi is a small-size restaurant with a simple interior, exuding a cozy atmosphere often seen in a typical traditional Japanese restaurant. The place is always packed with sashimi lovers, this also means that it is not suitable for a big group or a leisurely dining experience.


    • Sashimi
    • Sushi
    • Tempura
    • Salmon Skin Temaki

    AVG PRICE/PAX: S$38 – S$50


    • Reservation: Customers are advised to make reservations in advance. Normally, it takes one to four weeks to get a table at Ikoi.
    • Ordering: It is quite hard to have the attention of staff frequently due to its overcrowding, so make your first order a big one.

    2. Irodori Japanese Restaurant

    Irodori Japanese Restaurant Image: Irodori Japanese Restaurant
  • Loved for
    Signature dishes
  • Prices
  • Address
    382 Havelock Road, Riverview Hotel #03-01, Singapore 169629
  • Phone
    +65 6737 2002
  • Opening hours
    Daily lunch: 11:30 - 14:30
    Daily dinner: 18:00 - 22:30
  • Highlights

    • On-the-spot prepared foods: At Irodori, buffet does not mean that foods are cooked in advance. Dishes are only prepared upon ordering, so you can be sure that they’ll arrive at your table piping hot. And sashimi is freshly sliced on the spot to entice diners to ask for more.
    • Tasty sashimi: Sashimi, a highlight among other foods, draws people to this restaurant. All types of sashimi are fresh, thick, and well presented to make sashimi lovers fall in love with this dish forever.
    • Wide range of foods: With almost 100 dishes available for unlimited orders, the restaurant’s menu enables us to balance our plate with both sashimi and cooked foods.
    • Great complimentary dishes: Some signature dishes of Irodori such as Green Tea Tofu and Ebi Mentai Mayo are served as complimentary dishes upon arrival. They are so delicious that diners may come up with a wish that they are one of the dishes on the buffet menu.
    • Promotion: ANZ, Maybank, UOB, Diners, American Express, CIMB, and OCBC Credit cardholders get a reward of 15% off for lunch and 10% off on a la carte menu for dinner.
    • Open concept kitchen: Any seats at the bar counter will be provided a view of chefs at work.


    • Sashimi
    • Maki
    • Tempura
    • Chawanmushi
    • Pork roll with golden mushroom
    • Crisp nasu miso itame


    • Adult: $36.80++
    • Child: $23++ (Below the age of 10)

    SERVICE: As a busy restaurant with a la carte buffet style (unlimited food can be ordered and the dishes will be brought to tables by waiters), the service can’t be as fast as your expectation. Be prepared for a long wait or reminding staff about the orders.

    LOCATION: The restaurant is more convenient to be reached by bus or car as it is a little far from MRT stations.


    • Reservations should be made in advance as the restaurant is always packed with Japanese food lovers.
    • To avoid the crowd that causes slow service, you should arrive around 18:00 to get a better service.

    3. Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet Restaurant

    Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet Restaurant Image: Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet Restaurant
  • Loved for
    Hokkaido snow crab
  • Prices
  • Address
    Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Suntec City
    Suntec City, North Wing #03-334
    3 Temasek Boulevard
    Singapore 038983
  • Phone
    +65 6341 9200
  • Opening hours
    Daily lunch: 11:30 -15:00pm (last round 14:30)
    Daily dinner: 17:30 - 22:00 (last round 21:30)
  • Highlights

    • Snow crab buffet: Free flow of fresh, sweet, and firm snow crab legs is one of the reasons that make Kuishin Bo well-known. The restaurant’s nicely chilled and delicious crab legs will satisfy any fans of crab.
    • Awesome desserts: A buffet meal at Kuishin Bo will be perfectly completed with various delicious sweet items. People with a sweet tooth may be surprised at a fantastic chocolate fondue in a Japanese buffet place. Sticks of marshmallows, grapes, mangos, and strawberries are beautifully presented to be dipped with tasty chocolate.


    • Hokkaido snow crab
    • Sashimi
    • Prawn
    • Teppanyaki beef cubes
    • Tempura
    • Chocolate
    • Soft serve ice cream

    Buffet lunch @ Kushin Bo Jurong Point

    • Mon to Fri S$32.90 (adult)
    • Sat & Sun S$34.90 (adult)

    Buffet dinner @ Kushin Bo Jurong Point

    • Mon to Thu S$48.90 (adult)
    • Fri to Sun S$52.90 (adult)

    Buffet lunch @ Kushin Bo Suntec City

    • Mon to Fri S$36.90 (adult)
    • Sat & Sun S$38.90 (adult)

    Buffet dinner @ Kushin Bo Suntec City

    • Mon to Thu S$54.90 (adult)
    • Fri to Sun S$58.90 (adult)


    • Music signal: Listen to the restaurant’s trademark jingle, “Dong dong dong…”. This catchy jingle from Kushin Bo is a signal of just-come-out dishes at some food sections of the restaurant. These dishes are very unique and limited in quantity so if you want to taste them, be fast.
    • Grill section: Don’t forget to check out the grill section outside which dedicatedly offers yummy yakitori and other skewered meats.


    • The buffet pricing at Kushin Bo is a bit more expensive than other Japanese buffet restaurants.
    • The variety of dishes is not so large, especially at the cooked food and dessert sections.

    @ Jurong Point
    Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre #B1-47/51, S648886
    Tel: (65) 6792 9286

    @ Suntec City
    Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-334 Suntec City, North Wing, S038983
    Tel: (65) 6341 9200

    4. Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

    Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Image: Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
  • Loved for
    Complimentary dishes
  • Prices
  • Address
    16 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289209
  • Phone
    +65 6763 4939
  • Opening hours
    Daily lunch: 12:00 to 15:00
    Daily dinner: 18:00 to 22:30
  • Highlights

    • Excellent complimentary dishes: Shin Yuu’s house specials which are wished to be repeated endlessly are fabulous with the presence of oyster, salmon aburi, seared tuna belly sushi, sliced smoked duck, fried sliver fish, and cheese-baked tiger prawn. These are so fresh and tasty that you can’t forget.
    • Great sashimi: Including tuna, salmon, swordfish, kingfish, and octopus, the colorful sashimi moriawase at Shin Yuu satisfies the craving sashimi lovers through the deliciousness of each thick seafood slice.


    • Chawamushi
    • Makimono
    • Wafu steak
    • Shishamo
    • Kuruma ebi teriyaki
    • Soft shell crab
    • Beef short-rib


    • Lunch: S$36.90++ (Adult) | S$21.90++ (Child)
    • Dinner: S$49.90++ (Adult) | S$29.90++ (Child)

    SERVICE: Complimentary dishes are served almost immediately after being seated. The chefs start slicing sashimi at the moment any guests enter the restaurant so the dishes will be served fast after ordering. Plates are frequently changed and green tea is constantly refilled by the attentive staff.

    AMBIENCE: This restaurant with its clean and modern setting and cozy ambience is suitable for a leisurely meal with friends.


    • Food: Shin Yuu’s dishes are of high quality but the food choices are quite limited.
    • Cost: Prices are on the high side. Dinner menu prices are much more expensive than lunch but special dishes that are not on the regular menu, such as oysters, king crab, and tuna belly will be offered.
    • Location: Shin Yuu is located in Greenwood Ave, where you will feel a peaceful and unhurried lifestyle. However, it is an inconvenient place to get to.

    NOTE: Free parking is available along the side of the row of restaurants and shops.

    5. Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

    Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant Image: Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant
  • Good for
    Variety lovers
  • Prices
  • Seating
    280 guests
  • Address
    181 Orchard Road
    #08-01/02/03 Orchard Central
    Singapore 238896
  • Phone
    +65 6736 1216
  • Opening hours
    Daily Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00
    Daily Dinner: 18:00 – 22:30
  • Highlights

    • More than 200 buffet items over 29 food categories: A mega spread of Japanese delicacies makes Kiseki one of the best Japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore. You will be greeted by stations after stations offering good quality Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Chawanmushi (steamed egg), Robatayaki (Japanese grill), Yakitori (skewers), Teppanyaki, Nabemono (hot pot items), and Cold Seafood.
    • Good selection of fresh sashimi: Kiseki’s sashimi counter will charm you like no other while offering a wide variety of this must-have. Salmon, Salmon Belly, Tuna, Squid, and Surf Clam are there to make the sashimi lover in you happy.
    • Abundance of fresh, succulent seafood will satisfy your cravings for coastal specialities. You will be mesmerized by the cold and fresh seafood placed temptingly on the beds of ice. A range of sweet fleshy delights such as Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, Crayfish, Gong Gong, and Blue Swimmer Crabs will make you be spoilt for choice.
    • Value for money buffet lunch: For its vast buffet spread, paying S$19.80++ (Monday to Friday) or S$27.80++ (Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH) for a good buffet lunch is quite a steal.

    MENU: Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant offers an extensive range of Japanese and Japanese fusion dishes such as cold seafood, sashimi and sushi, teppanyaki, hot pot items, tempura, grilled foods, steamed foods, pasta, and pizzas. A variety of Japanese and Western-inspired desserts are also available.


    • Salmon Belly Sashimi
    • Chawanmushi
    • Teppanyaki Pork
    • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
    • Rosti
    • Yakitori
    • Curry Ebi Tempura
    • Pasta with Wafu Sauce
    • Hot Pot
    • Wasabi Ice Cream
    • Tofu Cheesecake


    • Lunch: $19.80++ (Adult), $12.80++ (Child) from Mon to Fri
    • Lunch: $27.80++ (Adult), $17.80++ (Child) on Sat, Sun, PH Eve and PH
    • Dinner: $31.80++ (Adult), $15.80++ (Child) from Mon to Thu
    • Dinner: $34.80++ (Adult), $18.80++ (Child) on Sat, Sun, PH Eve and PH

    AMBIENCE: With the seating capacity of 280 guests, this spacious and welcoming restaurant is an ideal buffet spot for big groups or large family gatherings. A dazzling view over bustling Orchard Road adds more charm to the venue.

    NOTE: Reservations are highly recommended.

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