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  • From humble beginnings, Appliance Repair has grown into an established handyman business in Singapore. With a full team of experienced technicians, Appliance Repair is always at your service for any need of appliance repair, from fridge to oven, dish washer, and washing machine to TV and ceiling fan.


    • 24/7 customer support: Whatever the problem, whatever the time, Appliance Repair will cater for your needs and answer the emergency call. Their customer service is renowned for being one of the friendliest and most responsive.
    • Flexible appointments to fit your schedule: You don’t have to work around them – they work around you. When life throws an unexpected curveball and your fridge breaks down, Appliance Repair will be there at whatever time suits you to solve the issue.
    • Workmanship warranty on all repairs: For your own peace-of-mind, Appliance Repair offers a warranty on all their services should something go wrong.
    • Highly skilled and trained team of technicians: Appliance Repair only works with the skilled technicians who can solve even the most complicated and in-depth issues.


    • Request for service via website
    • Get connected to the right professional
    • Get the quote from Appliance Repairs
    • Get your appliance fixed
    • Make a payment when your appliance works again
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