AZ Movers & Traders: Handyman Services

AZ Movers & Traders: Handyman Services
AZ Movers & Traders: Handyman Services
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  • AZ Movers & Traders is primarily a moving service company that includes handyman services among its offerings.

    The company offers more than just typical repairs and maintenance. They provide various specialized services to meet homeowners' different needs. With their flexibility, good project management, and commitment to customer satisfaction, AZ Movers & Traders is a dependable partner in keeping your home in great shape.

    What people like

    • Handles a wide array of tasks: AZ Movers & Traders provides a range of handyman services, addressing both minor fixes and significant renovations. Whether it’s repairing a leaky faucet or assembling furniture, these professionals offer comprehensive solutions for diverse tasks.
    • Well-trained professional experts: The handymen at AZ Movers & Traders are trained extensively and experienced in multiple trades, guaranteeing top-notch quality for your home projects. From electrical to plumbing to carpentry, their expertise ensures the job is done correctly on the first attempt.
    • Customized solutions for your needs:  AZ Movers & Traders provides personalized handyman solutions to meet your home’s unique maintenance needs, ensuring tailored assistance. Whether you seek guidance or have a specific project in mind, their expertise can help you achieve your desired home improvements effectively.
    • On-call for emergency repairs: Dependable handymen are available for emergencies. Whether it’s a plumbing or electrical issue, you will have peace of mind knowing that help is readily available to deal with your house problem.


    • Plumbing & Sanitary Services
    • Air Conditioner Installation
    • Air Conditioner Repair & Servicing
    • Electrical Services

    SERVICE COST: Contact the company directly to request a quote.

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