5 Best Costume Rental Stores in Singapore in 2023

Best Costume Rental Stores in Singapore
Best Costume Rental Stores in Singapore
Image: Customade Costumes & Merchandise

Costumes are not only for kids anymore. Whether we have a fun office event coming up, a Christmas gathering, or a family party, dressing up can be an exciting time for people of all ages. We can now be numerous movie characters – whether it is a creepy apparition or an adorable Disney princess, or a classic Victorian beauty.

If you are preparing for a party, it’s essential to choose one of the five best costume rental stores in Singapore [2023 review]. We’ve researched the best ones on your behalf, rounding up the top choices no matter what your theme is. They do not only provide unlimited freedom of choice, but some of them even offer bespoke services if you want to customize your outfit fully.

1. Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM)

Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM) Image: Customade Costumes and Merchandise
  • Best for
    One of the widest costume choices on the market
  • Address
    9 Kallang Place, #02-09 Singapore 339154
  • Phone
    +65 6333 9440
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 11:00-19:00
    Sat 10:30-15:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM) is a top-rated Singaporean rental service with tens of thousands of costumes and accessories from all periods down to the Victorian and Medieval eras. It is considered the premier rental store on the island due to its generous costume offering and customization services. Whether you have a party coming up or Halloween is around the corner, CCM is exactly what you need to look like your favorite character.


    • All types of characters, mascots, and other costumes: CCM is the ultimate choice no matter your objectives. Its costume choice is comprehensive and inspiring, suitable for any occasion.
    • Customizing costumes is CCM’s strength: Taking it one step further, the company has its own professional tailors. They can assist you in creating a unique, highly detailed costume according to your request.
    • Flexible rental periods: If you have a more extended event, customizing the rental period is a must to ensure success. Fortunately, CCM offers rental periods from one day to up to one week, and you can also contact them for a longer time.
    • Hire your own event truck: The CCM costume rental truck is a new service that provides peace of mind. It comes with several packages, a costume photo booth, return arrangement, and more.


    • Rental of tens of thousands of costumes and accessories
    • Customization services
    • Consultations
    • Made-to-measure costumes
    • Mascot cleaning and maintenance
    • The event truck includes nine costume racks, three changing rooms, four mannequins, and a counter

    2. Costumes N’ Parties

    Costumes N’ Parties Image: Costumes N’ Parties
  • Best for
    Retro costumes
  • Address
    Havelock II, Unit #02-16/17/18 No.2 Havelock Road Singapore 059763
  • Phone
    +65 6224 8742
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 11:00-20:00
    Sat 11:00-18:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • Founded in Kuala Lumpur, Costumes N’ Parties has quickly expanded its influence, becoming one of Singapore’s best costume rental stores. It boasts one of the largest selections of accessories and costumes in South-East Asia, with Darth Vader, Princess Elsa, or Chewbacca being only a few of the extensive offerings of famous characters.


    • More than two decades of experience: Costumes N’ Parties is a popular destination on the island due to its variety of choices. The company has helped its customers choose the best outfits for formal and informal events for more than 20 years, collecting one of the widest varieties of costumes from all times.
    • Same-day delivery: If you are in a rush, Costumes N’ Parties is exactly what you need. They are always on time, and you have access to same-day delivery while you can easily rent your items online, enjoying peace of mind that you won’t be late for your event.
    • All popular characters from the creepy Chucky doll to the roaring 20s: One of the best highlights when it comes to rental stores is costume range. You can access anything from the early 20th century down to new movie characters or even food costumes.


    • Premium costumes rental
    • Costumes for special events, including weddings, school events, and more
    • All-time costumes and accessories

    3. Ministry of Costumes

    Ministry of Costumes Image: Ministry of Costumes
  • Best for
    Group costumes
  • Address
    203 Henderson Road #09-03 Singapore 159546
  • Phone
    +65 6270 1733
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 13:00-18:00
    Sat 13:00-16:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • The Ministry of Costumes is a family-oriented rental store in Singapore. Founded in 2016, its mission is to help and inspire groups with more than 30,000 models. From a superhero family to pirates and Christmas themes, the Ministry of Costumes is the ultimate choice for attending a themed party or event with your friends and family.


    • More than 30,000 costumes for families and groups: The Ministry of Costumes takes pride in its ability to cater to all needs. There are also customization services available.
    • 30-minute costume selection appointment: Choosing the perfect theme or the correct costume can be challenging, especially if we want to ensure that everything is flawless. Fortunately, you can easily book online your 30-minute costume selection consultation and receive professional advice.
    • Many popular themes available: Customers enjoy a selection of beloved characters, including Alice in Wonderland, cartoons, and even anime. Some themes, such as superheroes, are even available for up to 100 people.


    • Costumes for up to 100 people
    • 30-minute consultation services
    • Full costumes with accessories

    4. Glamourdoll

    Glamourdoll Image: Glamourdoll
  • Best for
    Indian-themed events
  • Address
    80 Changi Rd, #04-16 near Eunos MRT, Singapore 419715
  • Phone
    +65 9180 7595
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sat 11:00 - 20:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • Glamourdoll provides an extended range of services and rental items if you want to become the next Bollywood Star. With affordably priced packages, the company helps you to dress beautifully for an important Indian-themed event. Glamourdoll has a vast choice that covers weddings, private parties, or corporate events.


    • The ultimate solution for Indian-themed occasions: Tourists and locals alike appreciate Glamourdoll for its offering. It offers a full suite of services that include costumes, accessories, makeup, hair styling, henna, and even snacks and meals.
    • Free fitting services: Glamourdoll knows that feeling comfortable is as essential as picking the right outfit. As a result, there’s a professional team looking forward to providing fitting services, so the costume perfectly suits you.
    • Glamorous costumes and numerous choices: If you have an Indian wedding coming up, Glamourdoll should be on your shortlist. The company provides peace of mind knowing that its professional team will help you choose culturally appropriate clothing, accessories, and even makeup and hairstyling.


    • Indian-themed costume rentals
    • Accessories
    • Makeup and hairstyling
    • Studio photography
    • Henna art and workshops


    • Costume rental with accessories – $100
    • Traditional Indian costume rental with a hot drink and snack – $100
    • Costume rental and North Indian meal – $110
    • Costume rental, walking tour of Little India, and hot drink and snack – $150
    • Costume, makeup, and hairstyling, North Indian meal – $150
    • Costume rental with accessories, makeup, and hairstyling -$180
    • Costume rental, makeup and hairstyling, walking tour of Little India, and hot drink and snack – $180
    • Costume, one hour of photoshoot outdoors, North Indian meal – $180
    • Costume rental with accessories, makeup, hair styling, one hour of studio photography (5 soft photos included) – $250
    • Bridal costume rental, accessories, bridal makeup, and one hour of photoshoot (10 soft photos) – $300
    • Bridal couple costume, accessories, makeup for bride, and ten soft photos – $400

    5. The Costume

    The Costume Image: The Costume
  • Best for
    Bespoke costumes
  • Address
    701 Sims Drive, #01-04 LHK Building Singapore, Singapore 387383
  • Phone
    +65 6292 4889
  • Opening hours
    Tue to Sat 12:00-20:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • For any type of party and event, The Costume promises a truly magical experience. You can choose from different types, including Asian period, retro, and, of course, numerous princesses and even the Incredible Hulk. The company aims to help you make a long-lasting impression at your next big event.


    • Find your perfect costume: The Costume can cater even to the most distinguished customer. The team is highly dedicated to every single demand, helping you to choose the best outfit.
    • Bespoke costumes: One of the main highlights of this rental store is that you can customize your outfit to your liking. You can enjoy exquisite craftsmanship and excellent, friendly customer service to help you prepare for your event.
    • Different eras and styles: The Costume is a one-stop solution for Asian costumes, Greek and Roman styles, and the Victorian era. At the same time, you enjoy a full collection of fictional characters that would delight the little ones.


    • Product design and conceptualization
    • Costume rental services
    • Bespoke costumes
    • Custom consultation
    • Wardrobe coordination and management service

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