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    Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Services
    50 Chin Swee Road, #09-04 Thong Chai Building
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Founded in 2008, Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Services always focuses on providing quality cleaning services to both households and offices. Its cleaners are all Singaporeans or Singapore permanent residents with years of cleaning  and housekeeping experience.


  • Customer can pay cleaning fee after service is done: The company will only bill you after a cycle of cleaning is completed. Please note that customers still need to pay its admin fee upfront.
  • Offering non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning products at affordable price: Its 10 item Home Detox Kit is offered at S$66 nett, which consists of a variety of specific cleaner liquid, tile spray, high performance cloths, and sponge scrub and window squeegee.

Domestic Regular Cleaning: There are 2 free replacements within 6 months. Works scope includes cleaning living and dining rooms, all bed rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and all windows.

  • For fortnightly service: Cleaning fee S$140/month, admin fee S$158
  • For weekly service: Cleaning fee S$220/month, admin fee S$168
  • For twice weekly service: Cleaning fee S$420/month, admin fee S$208
  • For thrice weekly service: Cleaning fee S$620/month, admin fee S$238

Spring Cleaning: Service prices start from S$190 for cleaning kitchen and 1 bathroom to S$308 for cleaning living room, dining room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. A surcharge of S$20-S$40 applies for engaging service on weekend. There is no admin fee for spring cleaning service.

Ad-hoc Cleaning: Service duties are cleaning kitchen & bathrooms, sweeping and vacuuming floor, cleaning doors & gates, cleaning balcony, wiping furniture, and tidying of rooms. Its rates are S$112 on weekday and S$128 on weekend for a 3-hour session, and S$148 on weekday and S$178 on weekend for a 4-hour session. There is no admin fee for this service.

Office Regular Cleaning: There are 2 free replacements within 6 months. Works scope includes cleaning all functional rooms, bathrooms, pantry area, furniture, window interior and lift landing, washing up cups and lunch boxes, sweeping and vacuuming all carpeted areas, mopping all tiled areas, wiping all glass panes and doors, and clearing all wastepaper baskets.

  • Weekly service: Cleaning fee S$192/month, admin fee S$168
  • Twice weekly service: Cleaning fee S$372/month, admin fee S$188
  • Thrice weekly service: Cleaning fee S$558/month, admin fee S$228
  • 4-day-a-week service: Cleaning fee S$720/month, admin fee S$258

NOTE: Customer is responsible for providing cleaners all cleaning equipment, aids, tools and liquids.

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