The 5 Best Cheap Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

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The vegetarian world in Singapore is as colourful as the non-vegetarian one. Non-meat eaters are blessed with numerous options of plant-based meals available in the city, which come in styles of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Western and Middle Eastern cuisine.

With so much on offer, finding good foods is never an issue. The only thing that bothers diners is the price tags. Healthy dishes that require a lot of efforts and innovations in preparation often come with large bills.

To reward people who go green for any reasons, we have searched for affordable and delicious vegetarian restaurants across the island and list the best in this article.

Some of those places have been around and served diners for decades like Komala Vilas. Some have just opened their doors recently like Veggie Cottage and Fill-a-Pita. No matter how long their operation is, they are all helmed by passionate people who love the healthy lifestyle and the environment.

1. Fill-a-Pita

Fill-a-Pita Image: Fill-a-Pita


  • A beautiful flavour of Middle East in Singapore: Fill-a-Pita brings diners a delicious Middle Eastern vegetarian menu with signature dishes such as hummus and falafel. Vegans and Buddhist vegetarians can find pleasure from exploring dishes that are free from eggs, diary products as well as onions and garlic.
  • Central location: The working crowd in the CBD is getting excited with this new small café, located at China Square Central. It is an ideal lunch spot to have a delightful and healthy veggie meal at wallet-friendly prices.
  • Service with smiles: The owner Hassan and his service team have never failed to make each and every diner feel the warm touch of service, even at the eatery’s peak hours. The foods are prepared and served with heart and customers’ feedback is appreciated.
  • Authentic tasty falafel: Falafel is the most sough-after food at Fill-a-Pita. Showing no sign of oil and being genuine, this hot and fresh deep-fried ball dish remains the first choice of people when ones visit this vegetarian café.

2. Gokul at Little India

Gokul at Little India Image: Gokul


  • Extensive menu for unlimited exploration: The best thing about Gokul is that it has something for everyone. With more than 500 food items, its vast menu spreads from Indian to Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Singaporean and Western cuisine.
  • No boundary between mock meat and real meat: The tasty mock meat dishes at Gokul will definitely satisfy vegetarians and make meat eaters forget that they are having a meatless meal. Enjoy the Mysore Mutton, Mutton Biryani, or Chicken Curry and feel the meaty flavor in your mouth.
  • Most of the menu items are vegan: Providing a continuously evolving menu is a way of pleasing diners at Gokul. Now, vegans can enjoy more as three quarters of the menu are covered by vegan-friendly options.

3. Komala Vilas at Serangoon

Komala Vilas at Serangoon Image: Komala Vilas


  • Dazzling dosai world: You will surely be spoilt for choice with its 40 dosai options on the menu. If you don’t know which to pick, just go with Cone Dosai or Masala Dosai as they are the best sellers of the eatery. Want to go adventurous? Just do it as none of the dosai items taste bad.
  • Value for money set meals: Going with those set meals is like going with the degustation menu of a restaurant. You will have chances to sample a lot of Komala Vilas’s highlighted dishes. Normally, its Rice Meal (S$7.20) has three vegetables, dhal, sambar, kulambu, rasam, thairu, raita, payasam, appalam and pickle to complement the rice.
  • A place to have Masala Tea in the traditional way: A traditional drink will taste much nicer when it is served in the traditional way. If you think so, then you might like to have Masala tea in a traditional metal cup. While having the meal at Komala Vilas, don’t forget to order a delicious Masala tea and enjoy a glimpse of the way thing was.

4. Zen Fut Sai Kai


  • A standout among Chinese vegetarian eateries: Zen Fut Sai Kai has been serving people with vegetarian diet since 1953. The menu of this old small eatery is brimming over with tasty home-style vegetarian Chinese foods. Start your exploring journey from mock meat and mushroom dishes, then move to stir-fried vegetables and fried rice.
  • Going green in the little world of Buddha: Ornamented with a lot of statues and paintings of Buddha, Zen firstly offers diners a few glimpses of Buddha world, then prepares their souls for a green meal in a zen atmosphere. Those ornaments and the café’s furniture have been around for many decades, the colour of time on them can bring diners back in time.
  • Awesome fried mushroom wanton: Aromatic and crispy are the two words to sum up the wanton’s skin while flavorful is all about the filling made with mushrooms and mock meat. This is the dish that gives your meal a good start and leaves something for you to remember later on.
  • Big food portions, two dishes are enough for 3 diners.

5. Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food

Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food Image: Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food


  • Small sized yet big on quality menu: Ci Yan offers a very simple menu, simply written on a black board in front of the restaurant. Only 4 to 6 dishes are listed on that daily changing menu under categories of brown rice sets, noodles and desserts. Although there aren’t many options, the deliciousness, healthiness and affordability are always there to make up the space.

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