Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services
Embrace Funeral Services
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    Affordable and customized funeral services
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    Block 87 Geylang Bahru Singapore 339695
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    +65 9692 1100
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  • Being relatively young in the industry, Embrace Funeral Services combines the right mix of innovation and traditions. The company believes in trust, integrity and professionalism, which is reflected through the customer feedback they received on different channels.

    They are also open to any type of customization in the services with their perfect personal touch to narrate the actual life story of the departed soul. This must be your first choice if you are looking for a dignified funeral at an affordable cost.


    • Helpful pre and post-funeral services: Besides offering standard funeral services similar to other companies, Embrace Funeral Services also provide pre and post-funeral services. If you want your loved ones to avoid extra stress of funeral on your death, you may approach them for their pre-funeral services. Also, they have a comprehensive range of post-funeral services to give a memorable farewell to your loved ones.
    • Provides designer caskets for children: The news of death is always depressive, and it is even dreadful if you lose a child or a younger adult. In such cases, Embrace Funeral Services provides top-notched and designer caskets to make sure that the deceased souls maintain their innocence and colors while they are leaving the world.
    • Affordable prices: Without compromising on the quality of their services, Embrace Funeral Services offer inexpensive pricing. No matter if you are requesting a complete package or asking them for personalised services, you will always see them beating their competitors’ prices.
    • Record of obituaries on the website: Embrace Funeral Services maintains a log of every deceased person they handled for funerals on their website. While this will also work as a tribute to your loved ones, this may also be used to convey the funeral’s details to your relatives.


    • Buddhist funeral services
    • Christian funeral services
    • Taoist funeral services
    • Catholic funeral services
    • Freethinker funeral services
    • Funeral emcee services
    • Serval pre and post-funeral services including sea burial, tombstone burial and, urns and niches
    • Grave exhumation services
    • Designer caskets specifically for children and young adults
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