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5 Best Car Grooming & Polishing Services in Singapore

  • 5 Best Car Grooming & Polishing Services in Singapore Image: Revol Carz Makeover

Great car grooming and polishing can make all of the difference when it comes to first impressions – there’s nothing that says polished and professional like a well-cleaned, serviced, and groomed car.

The attention to detail and great service of car grooming and finishing services is noticeable at first glance, making these services a good choice for you if you’re picking up an important client, going on a first date, or just using a car for any special occasion.

But which services in Singapore are best for you? In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 of the top services in the city for car grooming and finishing, so that you can find out which one will best suit your needs.

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1. Ace Gt

  • Ace Gt Image: Ace Gt

Ace Gt is a full-service groomer that specializes in exterior paint protection and refinishing, but they also offer quite a few interior finishing services, and options including basic car washes, waxing, and interior cleaning and conditioning. While their protection services are quite expensive, their cleaning and grooming services are reasonable, especially given the high quality of service provided at Ace Gt.

Why Ace Gt?

  • Huge variety of options and pricing: Ace Gt has an absolutely enormous offering of services – everything from total car refinishing and paint protection to the most basic tire, window, and glass services, as well as car washes and interior grooming. If you come to Ace Gt, they’ll be able to give you what you need, no matter how big or how small.

  • Professional and respectful staff: Ace Gt is known for having some of the most professional staff among all car grooming services – these employees are dedicated to providing great results, and a smooth, problem-free customer experience.

  • Specialized knowledge: The staff at Ace Gt are deeply knowledgeable about different kinds of cars, paints, and finishes, and always customize service packages appropriately – every car is different, and at Ace Gt, you’ll never get a “One-Size-Fits-All” treatment.

2. Revol Carz Makeover

  • Revol Carz Makeover Image: Revol Carz Makeover

Revol Carz isn’t just about grooming services – this full-service garage includes a car servicing and repair division, and specializes in repainting and refinishing damaged vehicles, in addition to standard car grooming and polishing services, making them a one-stop-shop for all of your vehicle needs.

Why Revol Carz Makeover?

  • Customizable packages: Maybe your car looks good, except for the tires and wheels, or the headlights are foggy but the rest of the body is sparkling and new. At some other groomers, you may still have to pay for a full exterior cleaning – but at Revol Carz, you can pick your package, and even choose individual parts of the car to be groomed and polished, such as headlights, windshields, headlamps, wheels, and even exhaust. If you pick a comprehensive package, these options are integrated into your package.

  • Repair knowledge: If your problems are deeper than just cleaning – dents, deep scratches, or poor quality glass – the techs at Revol Carz are able to do more than just recoat, refinish, and repolish. Their expertise at car repair allows them to identify the right solutions to problems that go deeper than paint, giving you plenty of options when you need to do some serious work on refinishing a car.

  • Maintain your car while grooming it: Cars need constant care and maintenance, and at Revol Carz, their one-stop-shop establishment can use computer diagnostics to check out your car and its condition while it’s being groomed for you – so if you’re short on time, you can bring your car here and get it cleaned, polished, and checked up on to see if you need to undertake any repairs.

3. GroomWerkz

  • GroomWerkz Image: GroomWerkz

GroomWerkz is a specialist. Unlike some other choices on our list, GroomWerkz only does car grooming and finishing –  no wheel panting, no window tinting, car wrapping, or accident repair. GroomWerkz only does car grooming – and for that reason, they do it great.

Why GroomWerkz?

  • Great  grooming value: GroomWerkz prides their business model for its integrity – they never upsell, upcharge, or choose exotic products when less expensive ones will do the job. Every product they use is top quality, and chosen with price in mind.

  • Years of grooming experience: Since car grooming is the only option you’ll find at GroomWerkz, it should be no surprise that their attendants and car cleaning techs have years of experience maintaining, cleaning, finishing, and grooming cars. Their professionalism and attention to detail are hard to beat, and the service at GroomWerkz is smooth, pleasant, and quick.

  • Cheap dent restoration services: Dents are one of the least concerning issues when it comes to car integrity, but they can be unsightly. GroomWerkz specializes in taking care of small dents quickly, easily, and at a low cost to you.

4. WrapStyle Singapore

  • WrapStyle Singapore Image: WrapStyle Singapore

While WrapStyle is perhaps best known for their full-car vinyl wrapping offerings, they also have a fully-featured grooming and polishing department, featuring exterior detailing, interior cleaning, paint protection, and even window tinting.

Why WrapStyle Singapore?

  • Car wrapping services: WrapStyle’s specialty is their car wrapping service – they help design, manufacture, and implement high quality car vinyl wraps for extra style and protection from the elements, and if you’re curious about learning more about car wrapping, their specialists can help you understand pricing, packages, materials, and designs.
  • Attention to detail: Since WrapStyle specializes in car wraps, the staff are fully aware of how important cleanliness and perfection is. After all, the slightest mistake in cleaning and finishing a car before wrap application can lead to total failure – so if you come in for a cleaning and finishing at WrapStyle, you know that the staff will be giving your car the utmost care and attention it deserves.
  • Premium products: WrapStyle uses Gtechniq finishing products for exterior and interior polishing – these finishing products use Smart Surface Science technology to provide just about every material with total protection and hydrophobicity – plastic, leather, ceramic, metals, and even vinyls, fabrics, and glass. This ensures you car stays cleaner and safer for a longer time after your visit to WrapStyle.
  • Flexible pricing: Unlike some other companies, the price of finishing and detailing services at WrapStyle varies depending on both the style and make of your car, and the particular services that you want to undertake – you’ll never pay extra for unnecessary servicing.

5. Max Polish : Mobile Car Groomer

  • Max Polish : Mobile Car Groomer Image: Max Polish

The biggest difference between Max Polish and the other car grooming services on our list is location – while the other groomers listed operate from central locations, Max Polish operates all over the city, sending representatives right to your doorstep to clean, polish, and finish your car – all without leaving home. This makes them a great option if you’re short on time, or can’t make it to another grooming shop.

Why Max Polish : Mobile Car Groomer?

  • Convenience of mobile car grooming: It doesn’t get much more convenient than a groomer showing up at your door ready to take care of your car right in your own driveway or parking garage – given the fact you don’t have to take your car in or leave it at a groomer, Max Polish is certainly the most convenient option on this list.
  • Optional Add-ons: The pricing at Max Polish is great, as it only includes basic offerings – if you want more exotic services or products, you can purchase them separately, piece-by-piece, allowing you to customize your car grooming experience for a good price.
  • Good and professional service: Max Polish is known for offering good prices for quality service, without overselling or trying to convince you to buy unnecessary extras.

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