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FloorCube maintains an exceptional reputation in Singapore for its quality vinyl flooring and tiling services. Their specialty is their prices that come with the superiority of material. This has been achieved by the skilled and experienced staff that they maintain in-house to avoid any additional cost incurred due to third parties’ involvement.


  • Provides comprehensive range for selection: FloorCube claims itself as an expert of any type of flooring. No matter you are interested in vinyl, epoxy or anything you have just seen a review of, you can engage them to get an excellent quality. Their staff has years of experience and they will never disappoint you with the output.
  • Offers free flooring consultancy services: Confused with what would suit best on the floor of your living room? No worries, as the experienced consultant and interior designers at FloorCube are available for a meeting without any cost. They will make sure that the flooring should meet the elegance and style of your overall home.
  • Have experienced installers at inexpensive prices: FloorCube has its crew who carries years of experience. They are skilled in whatever they do. With this in-house staff’s availability, they manage to avoid any third party’s involvement. The cost savings in this regard are directly passed on to the customers in terms of competitive rates.
  • Services covered with warranty: All the services offered by FloorCube come with an unconditional warranty. If you are not satisfied with the workmanship or material’s quality, the customer care staff will be available to listen to all your concerns and if needed, they will offer you compensation.


  • Resilient vinyl flooring
  • Floor tiling services with options such as ceramic, porcelain, homogenous and stones
  • Epoxy flooring

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