The 5 Best Homemade Ice Cream in Singapore

Image: Merly Ice Cream

Our Singaporeans love ice cream. If not, why a myriad of ice cream parlours, both local and international brands, are out there. And when hipsters keep hunting for best homegrown ice creams in town, there must be a reason. Yes, those local shops invite ice cream lovers to celebrate all the classic, exotic and creative flavours at very reasonable prices.

Most of the Singaporean ice cream shops are away from the city centre. Fortunately, we still have Tom’s Palette and Merely Ice Cream in town to easily have an ice cream fix. When you have ample time or wish to try something new, make your way to Udders at Upper Thomson or The Daily Scoop at Chip Bee Garden or Creamier at Toa Payoh. They are all worth a try. Yes, because they are the best handcrafted ice cream in Singapore.

Visiting those sweet lands, you may get confused by so many options. Don’t worry! The friendly staff at those shops can read your mind. They will offer you free, unlimited tasting to help you choose the flavours that please your taste buds.

1. Udders

Udders Image: Udders


  • Dazzling selection of liqueur ice creams: With approximately 10 delicious liqueur flavours, Udders makes alcohol fans fall in love from head to toe. Any doubt? Let the Rum Rum Raisin, Tira-miss-u or Bailey’s & Bourbon tell you how wonderful the experience is.
  • Late-night ice cream destinations: Having a late-night craving for dessert? Udders is your choice. Its five outlets are all open till midnight at weekend. But what if one wants to have late-night ice cream no matter what day it is? Visit Udders at Upper Thomson. The team is there to serve you every day from 12:00 to 01:00 or 02:00.
  • Voting for the potential flavours: You may doodle or write on the parlour’s large chalkboard, if that’s what you mean by having fun. You’re even allowed to write down your own flavour suggestions to Udders team. Do it! And let people vote for your creative ideas.
  • Fun workshop with ice cream buffet: If you want to know the secrets of ice cream making and experience something new, the Udders team offers a workshop that comes with a sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet. The instructor is even fun to work with so you’ll have a great time.

2. The Daily Scoop at Chip Bee Gardens

The Daily Scoop at Chip Bee Gardens Image: The Daily Scoop


  • Delightfully great waffles: While unique, exciting ice-cream flavours are the biggest crowd pullers, the place is also famous for its fragrant waffles that are warm and crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Pressed freshly for that extra crunch, the waffles here are so exceptional that you can have them on their own.
  • Amazingly good brownies to go with ice cream: Besides the waffles, that are served by many local ice-cream shops, what gives this place an edge are the warm, crumbly brownies topped by cool scoops of flavoursome ice-creams. Sounds divine? Yes, it is.
  • Great dessert options in the vicinity: Chip Bee Gardens have some really amazing dining options, making The Daily Scoop a natural choice for people who want to enjoy the mouth-watering, refreshing frozen desserts after their scrumptious meals.
  • Sensitivity to customer’s needs: Whether it is the tank of free-flowing iced water, friendly staff helping you find the right flavor with unlimited sampling or high chairs to accommodate babies, The Daily Scoop take care of the smallest details and focus not only on serving an assortment of unique flavours but also on making the customers feel special.

3. Tom’s Palette

Tom’s Palette Image: Tom’s Palette


  • Unique, exotic flavours with interesting ingredients: If you like your ice cream in exotic and whacky flavours, this is your place to go adventurous. They use all kinds of interesting ingredients to create crazy, scrumptious flavours that simply rock. Besides the regular flavours, innovative and off-beat creations such as mango sticky rice, green tea, durian, salted egg, tropical cocktail and Luo Han capture the true creative spirit of Tom’s Palette.
  • New flavour every month: This parlour unveil one new flavour of ice cream every month. Innovation? It is the name of the game here.
  • More than one flavor in your cup: When you order ice cream from Tom’s Palette, regardless of the cup size, you can combine two flavours in one cup. By this way you will never get bored of eating only one flavour in one go.
  • Learn the trade secrets: Fascinated by all these flavours and want to learn few tips and tricks? They conduct weekly ice-cream making lessons.

4. Creamier

Creamier Image: Creamier


  • Waffles, waffles, waffles: Their waffles are so good that if you had to choose (which is better) between your mom’s pancakes and Creamier’s waffles, you would probably choose the latter. The waffles, and by that most customers do mean the Belgian waffle with ice cream, are crispy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside.
  • Quiet location: Creamier is located at a peaceful neighbourhood compared to its rivals. Its quietness drifts your thoughts away from the hustle and bustle of the city and perhaps, lets you reminisce your childhood memories about dessert places.

5. Merely Ice Cream

Merely Ice Cream Image: Merely Ice Cream


  • Central location: While many local ice cream parlours are settled down in the neighbourhood, Merely Ice Cream is conveniently located in Sunshine Plaza, a shopping mall in the central area of the city, making this very accessible to visit and enjoy awesome ice-creams. It is also a popular hang-out destination for the art students from nearby NAFA & Lasalle institutes.
  • Ever changing flavours: The makers love to experiment and come up with unique, exciting flavours all the time. Check their Facebook page and you will find the flavours changing almost daily. You will be greeted with amazing, new flavours every time you visit this place.
  • French custard style ice-creams: Ice-creams are created using egg yolks as a natural emulsifier. Though it makes the ice-creams melt faster than usual but that only means no stabilizers are added. People just love the natural way these cool delights are churned with thick, smooth creaminess without any icy texture.

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