Local Service: Electrical Services

Local Service: Electrical Services
Local Service: Electrical Services
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    Block 292B, SkyPeak Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, #16-228, Singapore 652292
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    +65 6797 0750
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  • A proud member of the Local Service platform, Local Service: Electrical Services has established a recognized reputation in providing exceptional electrical services throughout Singapore. Their professional staff is always committed to solving any electrical issue, no matter how complex.

    What people like

    • 24/7 speedy service: Having an electric emergency? Local Service’s dedicated team of reliable electricians will assist you, no matter what day or time it is. Local Service aims to assist you just 20 minutes after you book a service.
    • Caters for all electrical service needs: Whether you are seeking commercial or residential assistance, Local Service provides a wide variety of services to fit your needs.
    • Nationwide coverage: No matter where you live in Singapore, Local Service’s electricians will make sure the job is done in a timely and professional manner. Simply give them a call to discuss how quickly an electrician can reach you.

    JOB SCOPE: Including but not limited to:

    • Childproof sockets and outlets
    • Electrical surge protectors
    • Wiring upgrades
    • Circuit breaker replacements
    • Upgrades to electrical panels
    • Circuit installations and upgrading
    • Generator installation and regular maintenance
    • Commercial generators
    • Power conditioners

    SERVICE COSTS: Individual quotes are determined by the electrician, depending on the scope of the project.

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