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Marvellous Aircon
Marvellous Aircon
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  • Servicing price
    From $40
  • Address
    Block 25 woodlands Industrial, Park E1 04-02, S757743
  • Phone
    +65 6428 6288 or +65 9094 9039
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  • Excelling in the field of air conditioning, Marvellous Aircon combines the latest equipment with highly-trained technicians to provide outstanding aircon service. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Marvellous Aircon is an extremely reliable service in Singapore, with a large customer base.


    • Competitive service rates: Marvellous Aircon will provide you with the fairest and lowest quotation with every service. Need to service a couple of units, but worried about the price? Marvellous Aircon allows you to service your first unit for $40 and any subsequent unit for just $15. There are also multiple unit deals for a chemical wash service and aircon overhaul.
    • 24/7 on-demand aircon service: Staffed with a 24/7 help desk team, Marvellous Aircon is willing to assist you with any queries at any time. Whether you are dealing with a faulty unit or would like to enquire about their prices, you can do so at any time by giving the team a quick call or message.
    • Broad aircon expertise: Whatever the brand, service, or query, Marvellous Aircon will do their best to accommodate your needs, as they are experts in dealing with various brands and service requests.


    • Normal Servicing: Everything, from cleaning the air filter to checking the compressor suction and vacuuming the drainage system, is included. Cost for the first unit is $40, for any subsequent unit (until 5) is $15. From the sixth subsequent unit, price is $19 each.
    • Chemical Wash: To handle any leakage or odor issues, the chemical wash will remove bacteria, purify the filter, and fix leaks. Price for the first unit is $85, $160 for two FCUs, $230 for three FCUs, $290 for four FCUs, $350 for five FCUs, and $65/FCU for every additional unit.
    • Troubleshooting: Regardless of the complexity of the issue, the team will do their best to fully restore the original functioning of the unit.
    • Chemical Overhaul: This includes fan lubrication, thermostat regulation, cleaning up the evaporator coil, and cleaning associated pipes for everything to run smoothly.
    • Gas Topping: Marvellous Aircon will seal up any gas leakages and top up where necessary.
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