Ministry of Helpers

Ministry of Helpers
Ministry of Helpers
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    Hassle-free employer and helper matching
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    195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-16, Singapore 168976
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    +65 8010 1532
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    24 hours
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  • “Better connections, make better homes.”  This is the slogan of the Ministry of Helpers, an integrated platform that provides a venue for better matching between helpers and employers. Launched only this year, it’s a new and innovative concept that is changing and improving the way employers find help and job-seeking maids find work. So if you are looking for a helper or if you are a maid looking for an employer through a hassle-free system, the Ministry of Helpers can be the right platform for you.

    Ministry of Helpers Image: Ministry of Helpers


    • One-stop e-platform: Ministry of Helpers goes beyond employer-employee matching. It also provides management and development services for employers and helpers to help them establish long-lasting working relationships.
    • Direct matching eliminates middlemen: The matching process involves preferences filters, matches shortlist, and an interview system that ensures matches and engagements are based on informed decisions. This eliminates go-betweens, which also eliminates additional paperwork and extra costs.
    • Comprehensive training programs for helpers: The program contains more than 100 videos and quizzes, including certifications, for helpers. It is a foolproof system that employers can use as a reference for the hiring process. Other development programs are also accessible for both employers and helpers which help strengthen and grow the employer-employee relationship.
    • Management tools for more efficient work output: Ministry of Helpers also provides management tools such as task scheduler and digital financial services that help manage household expenditures, salaries, and remittances.


    S$49 includes:

    • Unlimited candidate profiles
    • Forum Access (Q&A, News, Resources)
    • Candidate access (chats and video)
    • Contract Preparation Assistance
    • Family Organizer
    • Maid Insurance
    • Step-Up Video Trainings
    • Debit Card for Household Expenditure
    • Debit Card for Helper
    • Concierge Service Access
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