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If you want to tell a story, Momentold has the experts to whom you should grant this honor. They are specialists in crafting a narrative video that shows why you marry your loved one and why each guest is so special to you. The team has a unique approach that reveals these deep connections and creates a personalized video.


  • Capture raw emotions and unique connections: Momentold is all about creating the most authentic video for your wedding. They focus on including each spontaneous emotion and feeling and turning them into a classic, timeless video. 
  • Several team members to capture different perspectives: Momentold’s team members always work with a smile on their faces, and multiple videographers help capture your exceptional experience from different angles. This makes the video more inclusive and helps to express your story better. 
  • Excellent service and professional quality: All of its clients highly appreciate the company. It manages to deliver flawless services from the first moment until you receive your video. 


  • Actual day wedding videography
  • Pre-wedding videography

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