Nippon Paint Painting Service

Nippon Paint Painting Service
Nippon Paint Painting Service
Image: Nippon Paint Painting Service
  • Address
    1 First Lok Yang Road Jurong, Singapore 640966
  • Phone
    +65 6319 7222
  • Opening hours
    Daily 8.00am – 5.00pm, Closed on public holidays
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  • Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service is long in business, more than 120 years. The businesses' painters have a lot of experience in their hands, which they demonstrate every step of the way. Thanks to exceptional service, Nippon Paint keeps old customers while continuously acquiring new ones.

    What people like:

    • Specialized painting services: Nippon Paint Painting Service offers complete interior and exterior painting assistance. Do you need to paint a children’s room, dining room, porch, terrace, or something else? You can leave it to their professional painters!
    • Great colors for any budget and need: Choose among four paint color types depending on your needs. To move in quickly, you have a choice of odor-less packages. To save a few hundred S$, opt for Easy Wash or Vinyl Silk paints.
    • Competitive pricing is another quality Nippon Paint Painting Service’s customers enjoy. If you are lucky, you may benefit from attractive discounts, which tend to go as high as 30%.
    • Up to 5 years of warranty: For interior coating with specific paints, the house grants a 12-month warranty. For exterior painting, the guarantee extends to 60 months.


    • HDB studio Apt/2-room and private apartments under 490 sqft: S$1,250-S$1,650 (S$800-S$1,300 – December 2020)
    • HDB 3-room and private apartments from 491 sqft to 900 sqft: S$1,500-S$1,900 (S$990-S$1,550 – December 2020)
    • HDB 4-room and private apartments from 901 sqft to 1,100 sqft: S$1,750-S$2,150 (S$1,300-S$1,800 – December 2020)
    • HDB 5-room and private apartments from 1,101 sqft to 1,300 sqft: S$1,950-S$2,350 (S$1,500-S$2,000 – December 2020)
    • HDB 5-room Exec/3 Gen and private apartments from 1,301 sqft to 1,400 sqft: S$2,050-S$2,450 (S$1,600 – S$2,100 – December 2020)
    • HDB Maisonette and private apartments over 1,400 sqft: from S$2,250 (from S$1,850 – December 2020)
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